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COVID-19: Cleaning & Disinfection

Has Northwest upgraded its ventilation systems to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19?  (updated 8/21/20)

With the assistance of an external team, the ventilation systems throughout campus facilities were inspected to ensure operational effectiveness. Filters have been upgraded to MERV 13, and portable air purifiers with HEPA filters and UVC lighting are being deployed in strategic locations.

Are sanitizers available to students and employees?  (updated 8/21/20)

Northwest has installed additional wall-mounted hand sanitizers in building locations and provided hand-pump dispensers for office settings and portable stations for large gatherings.

Disinfectant spray, called Bearcat Thunder, and wipes also are provided in areas throughout campus to help employees and students clean touch surfaces after use.

Northwest is intensifying its disinfection efforts across the campus in accordance with guidelines shared by the CDC, the American College Health Association and other state universities.

How is Northwest cleaning classrooms and offices?  (updated 8/18/20)

Northwest has adopted the use of a sanitizing product, which we’re calling “Bearcat Thunder” and is being made available to classrooms, offices and others throughout the campus. Bearcat Thunder is an alcohol-based product that is sprayed onto surfaces as a mist and allowed to air dry for about 3 minutes.

As a note to employees and students, bleach is not an approved cleaning or sanitizing chemical for use on campus due to risks of chemical reaction.

For more information about “Bearcat Thunder,” including an instructional video, visit

What adjustments are being made to restrooms to prevent spread of COVID-19?  (updated 6/19/20)

Northwest custodial services is cleaning restrooms more frequently and providing disinfectant wipes for each restroom and stall.

Foot pedals have been added to restroom doors to help reduce contact with high-touch door surfaces.