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COVID-19: Academics & Coursework

How is class attendance handled during the COVID-19 pandemic?  (updated 8/16/21)

Attendance policies are determined by individual faculty, and students are expected to attend courses as scheduled.

Students reported in Northwest 360 as being symptomatic of COVID-19 or who have been exposed and are not vaccinated will receive an excused absence and will need to work with their instructor for any course support during their isolation or quarantine.

All other absences due to illness or personal reasons are handled by individual faculty members as they were prior to the pandemic.

What happens if I have to miss classes due to COVID-19?  (updated 8/16/21)

If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, you have an obligation to stay away from others. As with any issue related to your classes, it is important that you communicate with instructors when you are not feeling well and not attend class or enter any University facility unless specifically instructed to do so by a University official. Instructors will work to support students in COVID-19 quarantine or isolation on a case-by-case basis or as otherwise communicated by faculty.

Call Wellness Services for screening and further guidance. Wellness Services will communicate to your instructors if you need to be excused from classes. Faculty will offer alternative learning opportunities if you have an approved absence from Wellness Services.

Will Northwest support a student who may be in quarantine?  (updated 8/15/21)

Northwest faculty and staff will assist students with reasonable flexibility. Students are encouraged to discuss concerns with their instructors or staff supervisors.

How are classrooms altered to support social distancing?  (updated 8/15/21)

Academic units are focused on meeting instructional outcomes, and all classes will continue as scheduled with basic mitigation expectations that do not require most classrooms to be altered. 

Students are asked to maintain a social distance of 3 feet where possible. Face coverings are required in all classrooms and labs.

Northwest will not add costs to students for mitigation measures, except where personal protective gear may be required.

What factors will Northwest consider when deciding whether to discontinue in-person classes and transition to remote delivery?  (updated 6/8/21)

Northwest reviews a variety of metrics and receives daily inputs from local health experts, including the cumulative total of positive cases, the current number of positive cases, the percentage of the population testing positive for COVID-19, and hospitalizations. The University will not rely on one data point to transition courses to remote delivery.

Individual course sections may temporarily move to a blended, alternating attendance or online format as the result of a group of students or an instructor’s need to isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 or a need to quarantine due to being a contact of a positive case.

Will the 2021-22 academic calendar include prep weeks?  (updated 6/8/21)

Northwest is returning to a traditional academic calendar used prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and prep weeks are not planned for the 2021-22 academic year.