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Master of Business Administration

The Department of Agriculture in the Melvin D. and Valorie G. Booth College of Business and Professional Studies offers the Master of Business Administration with an area in agricultural economics for those pursuing a career in the business aspect of agriculture or for those preparing for advanced graduate work. This program is a logical extension for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in agricultural business. The student must have two advisors for this program, one from the Department of Agriculture, and a general MBA advisor.


The candidate for the MBA-Agricultural Economics must also fulfill the following prerequisite courses:

  • Econ 52-151 General Economics II OR
  • Ag 03-110 Introduction to Agricultural Economics
  • Ag 03-130 Plant Science
  • Ag 03-150 Animal Science
  • Ag 03-302 Agricultural Marketing
  • Ag 03-304 Farm Management and Records Analysis
  • Ag 03-334 Soils

Prerequisite courses cannot be taken by audit or pass/fail. A grade of "C" or better must be achieved.

Students with an undergraduate degree in business usually meet the course prerequisites listed above and can complete the MBA program with 33 hours of graduate courses. Those students from non-business fields can complete the prerequisites by taking the 34 hours of prerequisites from any accredited four-year institution. Students may then complete the program by taking the 33 graduate hours.

Graduate Course Requirements

The candidate for the MBA with an area in Agricultural Economics must complete a total of 36 credit hours. Twenty-four of those credit hours will be taken from the courses for the general MBA. The student must take four graduate-level courses (12 hours) in agricultural economics from the courses listed below. Three of the MBA courses will be waived, with those courses determined by the student and MBA advisor.

  • Ag 03-502 Agricultural Prices
  • Ag 03-503 Agricultural Law
  • Ag 03-504 Futures Trading
  • Ag 03-505 Agricultural Resource Economics
  • Ag 03-506 Agricultural Production Economics
  • Ag 03-508 Agriculture Policy
  • Ag 03-598 Advanced Agricultural Applications of Electronic Data Processing
  • Ag 03-603 Theory of Agricultural Markets
  • Ag 03-604 Advanced Farm Management
  • Ag 03-608 Seminar in Agricultural Economics
  • Ag 03-609 Special Topics in Agricultural Economics

For more detailed information concerning the graduate degrees offered by Northwest Missouri State University, please visit the Graduate Catalog online.