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Top Ten Advising Tips for New Transfer Students

  1. Review the student’s Degree Audit to determine general education requirements.

  2. Review student’s transcript regarding any major courses that are Northwest equivalents.

  3. Direct students with questions about credit or course transferability to Brady Willis, Transfer Academic Advisor in the Admissions Office, at 660.562.1804 or

  4. Monitor enrollment according to student’s other courses, activities and responsibilities.

  5. Encourage questions:  Transfer students often believe that they understand all higher education processes because they understand the processes at their previous institution.

  6. Explain thoroughly any directed general education courses.

  7. Remind transfer students that their transfer grade point average is not included in their Northwest grade point average.  We require the Northwest and cumulative (which includes transfer) grade point averages be above a certain point.

  8. Encourage students to keep records regarding the transferability of courses.

  9. Explain that vocational or technical courses taken prior to attending Northwest are typically not transferable.

  10. Realize that there may be flexibility in how a student’s transfer credit is evaluated.  If you see a questionable equation contact the Admissions Office.