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Adjustment Issues to Consider When Advising a Traditional Freshman Student

  • Academic pursuits are not necessarily the student’s top priority.
  • A time of acclimation is required to adjust to any new community, new living situation and new educational institution.
  • Establishment of a life away from influences of home.
  • Transition from a routine existence to a flexible one.
  • Development of time management and study skills.
  • Learning the requirement and type of study required for college level courses.
  • Balancing social life with academic life.
  • Relationship formation and relationship changes.
  • Roommate tribulations.
  • Financial worries.
  • Adjustment to academic demands and expectations.
  • Lack of a goal.
  • Work conflicts.
  • Major declaration or change.
  • Courses that are either too difficult or too easy.
  • Too many credits or too few.
  • Change in diet and sleep patterns.
  • Alcohol and/or drug experimentation.
  • Development of homesickness.
  • Passive nature; past dependence on high school teachers, counselors and parents.