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DECIDING: An Action Word for an Action Major

Some students have known since they were five years old the particular major or career they wanted to pursue.  However, most decide much later and possibly change majors and careers several times.  The knowledge explosion, developments in technology and changing economic and political systems are reasons given for the need to change careers and to continue lifelong learning.  Therefore, in a very real sense, we are all engaged in the ongoing process of DECIDING.

Deciding is an action word.  It describes some of the most dynamic opportunities available to students at Northwest Missouri State University.  It means that students who are DECIDING their major are in the process of exploration.  They are evaluating the interests, abilities, needs and values they possess and how they fit with a major or career. 

If you know a DECIDING student who would like to make their decision, the staff of the Student Success Center wants to help the student.  You may contact us at 660-562-1695 or e-mail In the meantime, encourage the student to continue the process of DECIDING.