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National Academic Advising Association

The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) is an organization of professional advisors, faculty, administrators, students and others from a variety of settings who do academic advising or otherwise work to promote quality academic advising on college and university campuses.  As members of this organization or of the profession of academic advising, or as others who advise or provide related programs or services to students, we must recognize our responsibility not only to students and the institutions in which our advising is done, but to society, to colleagues, and to ourselves.


…Advances the theory and enhances the practice of academic advising to ensure students’ intellectual, personal, and social development.

…Supports and promotes the creation, application and dissemination of knowledge in the field of advising.

…Values the talents and contributions of all persons and promotes active involvement of individuals and groups reflective of diverse populations.

…Serves its constituency of academic program advisors/counselors, faculty, administrators, counselors, and others in academic and student services concerned with the intellectual, personal, and vocational/career needs of students.

…Nurtures cooperation and coordination of academic advising with other support services in educational institutions.

NACADA’s Beliefs about Students

Like other educators, advisors work to strengthen the importance, dignity, potential, and unique nature of each individual served within the academic setting.  Our work as advisors is guided by our beliefs that:

  • Students can be responsible for their own behavior.
  • Students can be successful as a result of their individual goals and efforts.
  • Students have a desire to learn.
  • Learning needs vary according to individual skills, goals, and experiences.
  • Students hold their own beliefs and opinions.

For more information about NACADA, visit their website at:  www.nacada.ksu.ed