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Madalyn Mosbauer

Madalyn Mosbauer



660.527.6711 (text)

Joined Northwest in 2020

Recruitment Coordinator

Recruits in Northern Missouri

About Maddie

I was born and raised in KCMO with an older sister who attended Northwest and helped me find my path. I graduated from Northwest in 2020 with a Bachelors in Mass Media: Broadcast Production and currently pursuing a Masters in Recreation: Sports Management. I have worked at Northwest for the past 2 years in Admissions as the Northern Missouri Recruitment Coordinator and look forward to continuing making connections and showing students the opportunities Northwest can provide for them.

Recruitment Territory

Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Missouri: Adair, Andrew, Atchison, Audrain, Barry, Barton, Bates, Benton, Boone, Buchanan, Caldwell, Callaway, Camden, Carroll, Cass, Cedar, Chariton, Christian, Clark, Clay, Clinton, Cole, Cooper, Crawford, Dade, Dallas, Daviess, DeKalb, Dent, Douglas, Gasconade, Gentry, Greene, Grundy, Harrison, Henry, Hickory, Holt, Knox, Howard, Howell, Jackson, Jasper, Johnson, Laclede, Lafayette, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Linn, Livingston, Macon, Maries, Marion, McDonald, Mercer, Miller, Moniteau, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Newton, Nodaway, Oregon, Osage, Ozark, Pettis, Phelps, Pike, Platte, Polk, Pulaski, Putnam, Ralls, Randolph, Ray, Saint Clair, Saline, Schuyler, Scotland, Shannon, Shelby, Stone, Sullivan, Taney, Texas, Vernon, Webster, Worth, Wright

Upcoming Events

Date School Name Location Time
9/1/2022 Auburn - 1:00PM
9/13/2022 Slater High School Slater, MO 9:00AM
9/13/2022 Hallsville Hallsville, MO 10:45AM
9/13/2022 Glasgow Glasgow, MO 2:40PM
9/14/2022 Battle Columbia, MO 9:00AM
9/14/2022 Centrailia Centrailia, MO 11:13AM
9/14/2022 Calvary Lutheran Jefferson, MO 2:37PM
9/15/2022 Salisbury Salisbury, MO 10:00AM
9/15/2022 Moberly Moberly, MO 11:00AM
9/15/2022 Westran Westran, MO 2:50PM
9/16/2022 South Harrison Bethany, MO 10:33AM
9/19/2022 North Harrison Eagleville, MO 9:45AM
9/19/2022 Stanberry Stanberry, MO 12:40PM
9/19/2022 Jefferson C123 Conception Junction, MO 2:20PM
9/20/2022 Putnam Co Fair Unionville, MO 9:00AM
9/20/2022 Adair R2 Brashear, MO 12:00PM
9/20/2022 Kirskville Fair Kirksville, MO 1:00PM
9/21/2022 Macon Fair Macon, MO 9:00AM
9/21/2022 Brookfield Fair Brookfield, MO 1:00PM
9/22/2022 Canton Fair Canton, MO 9:00AM
9/22/2022 Monroe Fair Monroe, MO 1:00PM
9/22/2022 Hannibal Fair Hannibal, MO 6:30PM
9/26/2022 Stewartsville Stewartsville, MO 8:45AM
9/26/2022 Mid Buchanan Faucett, MO 12:10PM
9/26/2022 North Platte Dearborn, MO 2:56PM
9/27/2022 Lafayette St. Joseph, MO 7:25AM
9/27/2022 Lafayette St. Joseph, MO 9:15Am
9/27/2022 Lafayette St. Joseph, MO 10:10AM
9/27/2022 Lafayette St. Joseph, MO 12:50PM
9/28/2022 Maryville Maryville, MO 10:15AM
9/28/2022 Pattonsburg Pattonsburg, MO 1:45PM
9/29/2022 North Nodaway Hopkins, MO 9:00AM
9/29/2022 Northeast Nodaway Ravenwood, MO 10:00AM
9/29/2022 Worth Co Grant City, MO 11:16AM
9/29/2022 Albany Albany, MO 3:15PM
9/30/2022 Trenton Trenton, MO 8:30AM
9/30/2022 Trenton Trenton, MO 9:24AM
9/30/2022 Trenton Trenton, MO 12:29PM
9/30/2022 Trenton Trenton, MO 1:23PM
9/30/2022 Trenton Trenton, MO 2:17PM
10/3/2022 Northwest Fair Maryville, MO 9:00AM
10/3/2022 Central St. Joseph, MO 12:15PM
10/3/2022 Central St. Joseph, MO 12:50PM
10/3/2022 Central St. Joseph, MO 1:45PM
10/4/2022 Savannah Savannah, MO 11:18AM
10/4/2022 King City King City,MO 2:30PM
10/5/2022 Mo-West Fair St. Joseph, MO 9:00AM
10/5/2022 Craig High School Craig, MO 1:30PM
10/6/2022 NCMC Fair Trenton, MO 9:00AM
10/6/2022 Chillicothe Chillicothe 6:30PM
10/10/2022 Benton High School St. Joseph, MO 8:15AM
10/10/2022 DeKalb High School DeKalb, MO 11:20AM
10/10/2022 Benton High School St. Joseph, MO 12:50PM
10/10/2022 South Holt Oregon, MO 2:30PM
10/11/2022 Fairfax Fairfax, MO 11:30AM
10/11/2022 Rock Port Rock Port, MO 1:00PM
10/11/2022 Tarkio Tarkio,MO 2:30PM
10/11/2022 West Nodaway Burlington Jct, MO 3:20PM
10/12/2022 Fulton Fulton, MO 8:30AM
10/12/2022 Fayette Feyette, MO 3:00PM
10/12/2022 Lincoln Fair Lincoln, MO 5:30PM
10/13/2022 Columbia Co Fair Columbia, MO 9:00AM
10/13/2022 MMA Fair Mexico, MO 1:30PM
10/17/2022 South Nodaway Barnard, MO 11:20AM
10/18/2022 My Success Event St. Joseph, MO 8:30AM
10/19/2022 My Success Event St. Joseph, MO 8:30AM
10/20/2022 Lawson Fair Lawson, MO 9:00AM
10/20/2022 Lathrop Lathrop, MO 11:35AM
10/20/2022 Plattsburg Plattsburg, MO 12:45PM
11/1/2022 Orrick Orrick, MO 10:30AM
11/14/2022 Princeton Princeton, MO 11:15AM
11/14/2022 North Mercer North Mercer, MO 2:45PM