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Rylie Johnson

Rylie Johnson


Unionville, Iowa


Social Studies Education

SOAR Leader

Agricultural Sciences


My favorite part about being a Bearcat:

My favorite part about being a Bearcat is the amazing community that I get to be a part of! The people at Northwest have been so encouraging, supportive and fun during my time here!

I’m excited for SOAR because:

I am excited about SOAR because I get to meet the awesome new Bearcats who will be joining us in the fall! SOAR was the first day that I truly felt at home at Northwest. I can't wait to see our new students have that same realization!

Favorite part about attending SOAR as a freshman:

My favorite thing about attending SOAR as a freshman was meeting my roommate in person for the first time! She and I immediately became pals - it was the first day that I got to spend time with a lifelong friend!

In my free time, I enjoy:

In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar and taking pictures!

My favorite Northwest tradition is:

My favorite Northwest tradition is ringing the bell at Convocation. I felt like I was officially a Bearcat when I got to ring the Bell of '48 with my friends at the end of Advantage!

Student Organizations I’m involved in:

  • The Lighthouse at Northwest

I chose Northwest Because...

I chose Northwest because of their amazing hands-on education program! The ability to be in the classroom right away and have the opportunity to practice my skills throughout my program was a big draw here. What keeps me here though is the tight-knit family atmosphere that Northwest offers. I feel at home in Maryville on the Northwest campus!

Advice for other freshmen:

Say yes! Your roommate wants you to go to the union at 11:00 p.m., go! An organization wants you to come to their event, go! A friend says, "Come play guitar with us," go! The most memorable experiences I have had here have been when I spontaneously said yes. I wish that I had said yes more often when I first started.