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Grace Roby

Grace Roby


Plattsmouth, Nebraska


Vocal Music Education

SOAR Leader

University Studies Meta Major/Deciding


My favorite part about being a Bearcat:

My favorite part about being a Bearcats is having a close knit community.

I’m excited for SOAR because:

I am excited about SOAR because I love helping others feel comfortable and confident in their choices.

Favorite part about attending SOAR as a freshman:  

My favorite thing about attending SOAR as a freshman was learning about what my first semester was going to look like.

In my free time, I enjoy:

In my free time, I enjoy walking my cats around campus in their stroller.

My favorite Northwest tradition is:

My favorite Northwest tradition is the freshman class tree planting.

Student Organizations I’m involved in:

  • Sigma Alpha Lota
  • National Association for Music Education
  • American Choral Directions Association

I chose Northwest because:

I chose Northwest because I love the small town environment and fabulous music program.

Advice for other freshmen:

Make friends who are in your classes because in a hard class, it is good to have a buddy.