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University Seminar

What is University Seminar?

University Seminar is one credit hour course that is part of the Northwest Core, is a graduation requirement and first-time, full time freshmen must enroll during their first semester. The course is designed to help students transition to college and achieve success.


Foster an appreciation

for the privileges, rights, and responsibilities associated with a university education


Equip students

with the learning skills necessary for success


Cultivate the ability

for students to monitor their own learning and progress


Familiarize students

with the resources available to support their academic success


Encourage students

to cultivate a healthy lifestyle

In addition to helping you cultivate the skills needed to be successful in your higher education journey, you may select a University Seminar theme of your choosing to align with your interests.

Traditional Theme

University Seminar (77-101)
Traditional Theme

The "Traditional" theme of University Seminar is designed to help students transition to college and achieve success. Topics of exploration will include the privileges, rights and responsibilities associated with a university education, skills necessary for success, assuming responsibility for one’s own university experience, and available resources.

First Generation Theme

University Seminar (77-101)
First-Generation Theme

The "First-Generation Theme" brings together students whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) did not graduate from a four-year college or university. These class sections support first-gen students as they learn higher education terminology, develop skills needed for their success, and take ownership of their learning. Additional topics include the privileges, rights and responsivities associated with a university education, monitoring goals and planning for the future.

Leadership Development Theme

University Seminar (77-101)
Leadership Development Theme

The "Leadership Development" theme of University Seminar encourages students to enhance their leadership skills. Through leadership discussions and experiential learning projects, you and your peers will practice leadership on the Northwest campus and in the Maryville community while developing academic success strategies, connections on campus and in the community, and more.

Global Perspecitve Theme

University Seminar (77-101)
Global Perspective Theme

The "Global Perspective" theme of University Seminar will help you cultivate the skills needed to be successful in your higher education journey in addition to focusing on global challenges and analyzing the impact of those challenges. You and your peers will discuss and take part in discussions and experiential learning centered on global population issues, resource management, technology, and more.

Who will be in your University Seminar class?

Each section of University Seminar will have approximately 20-25 of your peers who are also first-year students or transfer students with less than 15 hours of academic credit. An instructor and peer advisor are assigned to each University Seminar section to lead, mentor and guide students in their transition to college life. Peer Advisors serve as a peer educator and co-instructor working with the faculty or staff member assigned to the section. During Advantage Week, your Peer Advisor will play a key role in the activities. They will greet you when you move in and assist you in getting to all of the weekend’s activities and events.

Student success starts with a great first year.

Northwest's First Year Experience (FYE) exists to support student success through the delivery of programs, resources, and services designed to jumpstart a student's undergraduate journey at Northwest.

The Northwest family is passionate about your development as a whole student. We want you to love being a Bearcat!

The First Year Experience is a collaborative effort across campus to create programs that will support you in your academics, with your co-curricular interests, and through personal growth. All first-year students share some common experiences, but there is flexibility to personalize your own experience through your time at Northwest. This looks different for every student, but no matter what your path, you will find opportunity and support along the way. The Northwest family is committed to your success: Every Student, Every Day.

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