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Welcome to College Life!

College is a whole new world, but it only takes a few days to make it feel like home. Advantage is your chance to settle in, explore your new home and learn to speak the language. The events range from academic to fun activities. Right away, you meet with your University Seminar class, attend an academic department or school meeting and talk to an advisor. You can also pick up your textbooks and laptop.

Events include arcade and trivia nights, outdoor movies and fireworks to start the new school year with a bang!

Advantage is MANDATORY for both commuters and on-campus residents, not that you’d want to miss a minute of this awesome college experience!

So…What’s Advantage like?

After you move your belongings in your residence hall and everything (well, nearly) is stashed carefully away, freshmen and select transfer students attend University Seminar first thing Friday morning. That way, you know what to expect for the upcoming semester.

Some of the events are required (see schedule), and some are optional. We developed activities and events that we hope appeals to all.

The best part about Advantage is the opportunity to meet your floormates, classmates and fellow Bearcats.

The first weekend of the best four years of your life! Advantage weekend is full of opportunities and activities to get used to Bearcat living.  - Sassie Matzen

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