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Using the Housing System

If you still need to find a roommate

  • Log in to CatPAWS
  • Select Housing Tab
  • Navigate to the Housing System
  • Click New/Returning Students
  • Click Fall 2019
  • Click My Roommate
  • Click Start RoomSync Now

Steps to selecting residence hall, room and meal plan

It is recommended that you make your selection on a desktop or laptop computer.

If your roommate for the 2019-20 academic year has already selected your residence hall, room and meal plan, you do not need to select a room. Be sure to log in to CatPAWS and confirm the meal plan your roommate selected for you is correct.
Step-by-step directions:

  1. Log in to CatPAWS
  2. Click Housing
  3. Navigate into the Housing System
  4. Click New/Returning Students
  5. Click Fall 2019
  6. Click Select My Room
  7. Choose:
    1. Select a Shared Room if you plan to live with another student
    2. Select a Private Room if you do not want a roommate
  8. Read the welcome message and click Next
  9. Review your roommate list, if applicable. 
    1. If your roommate list is correct, click Next
    2. If your roommate is not correct, click Manage My Roommate
  10. Select a room of your choice by clicking on the campus map
    1. Click the Residence Halls box
      1. How to Navigate:
        1. Any item with a green border or green bed icon is an available space
        2. Any item with a red border or a red bed icon is not available
          • If you need to go back, click the Northwest Missouri State University hyperlink directly above the map graphic
    2. Click your preferred residence hall
    3. Click your preferred floor
    4. If selecting South Complex, Hudson-Perrin or Tower Suites, click your preferred floor section
  11. Click a green bed icon to select a room
    1. You will have 7 minutes to complete the remainder of the process or your room will be released


If you do not have a pre-selected roommate, click a red bed icon to view who has previously selected that bed and review their lifestyle preferences to determine if your preferences align.

We encourage you to select a room with one open bed rather than selecting a bed and leaving the room half full. 

  1. If you wish to change your selection, click Release Room
  2. You will have 7 minutes to complete the remainder of the process or your room will be released
  3. Use the drop down menu(s) to assign yourself and your roommate (if applicable) a specific bed space
    1. If you chose to live in a private room:
      1. Assign yourself to the first bed space
      2. Select Buyout this Bed Space on the second bed space
  4. Scroll down and click Next
  5. Click the green icon Icon under your name and assign yourself a meal plan 
    1. To assign a meal plan for your roommate, click the green icon Icon under your name and repeat the process
  6. Click Finish
  7. Click Return to the incoming student landing page

Review your residence hall, room and meal plan selections by clicking View My Assignments

If you need assistance during your selection next week,

  • Email with your question(s). When composing your email, please include the student’s Student ID Number (919) so our team can respond as quickly as possible. This email account will be monitored constantly during regular business hours on selection days.
  • Call 660.562.1214 or 660.562.1430. We expect heavy phone traffic on selection days, so we strongly encourage you to email before calling.