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Bearcat Advantage

What is Bearcat Advantage?

Bearcat Advantage is an opportunity for out-of-state students to earn in-state tuition rates. This program can save new students more than $7,500!

"As a Nebraska Resident, the Bearcat Advantage made Northwest convenient and affordable!"

Jake Hain
Seward, Nebraska

Eligibility Requirements

The scholarship is available to first-time freshman and transfer students who live outside Missouri.

Bearcat Advantage Chart

Renewal Requirements

  • Requires completion of 24 credit hours per academic year and the following Northwest cumulative GPA:
    • Bearcat Advantage: 3.00
    • Green and White Advantage: Renews to Bearcat Advantage with 3.00 Northwest cumulative GPA.
  • Maximum award: 132 total credit hours earned (including dual credit and transfer hours)

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