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Learning Objects

The Learning & Teaching Center develops digital learning objects to help deliver instructional concepts using multimedia technologies. Learning objects can be developed to help instruct students on specific concepts. These are most useful for online courses and also can be used to supplement face-to-face courses. View learning objects that have been created by visiting the Showcase. Contact our office to request a learning object be developed.

Course Enhancements

Make an online course site more welcoming and visually interesting by adding images and animations specifically designed for the course content. These can be developed by the Learning & Teaching Center student staff. See samples in our Showcase. Click the 'Projects' menu and then Course Enhancement button. Contact our office to request course enhancements for your course sites.

Audio and Video Requests

The Learning & Teaching Center has a recording studio available for recording these files. There are also some software available to faculty for creating these files. See Faculty Software on this site. To schedule a recording time in the studio, or additional questions, please contact our office.

Audio/Video Transcripts and Captioning

The Learning & Teaching Center is partnering with the Office of Student Affairs for audio and video transcripts and captioning. For transcripts, please upload the audio or video file to your Northwest Cloud account. Email with the name of the audio/video file. We will email you when the transcript is available in your Cloud account. Please review and edit the transcript before adding to your course site. This transcript will also be needed for captioning. Click the icon at the left for more information about Captioning Guidelines.

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Lite Board

The Learning & Teaching Center, in collaboration with Computing Services, created a Lite Board for delivering online lectures. Click the icon at the left for a video demonstration. Please contact our office to schedule a recording session.

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Attendance Service

The Attendance Tracking Service is a system for faculty to use to track attendance for their courses. There are 3 ways to use the system. The first way is using the Kiosk method. ATS Kiosks are installed in specific rooms on campus. Student swipe their student ID’s in the kiosk while entering the room. This will record their attendance for the day. Attendance can also be tracked by ATS Manually Selection of the students present or the third method, ATS Import Selection is an import of a text file where the student swipe their student id’s in which their number is recorded.

In all three methods record attendance data in the ATS Management Module web application. Access to the ATS Management Module is accessible through Northwest Online course site. Contact the LTC to request usage and training of the ATS.

Grade Passthrough

The Grade Passthrough LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) was created by Northwest staff to allow faculty to pass grades to Banner SIS directly from your Northwest Online grade book, effectively by-passing CatPAWS.
Fall of 2017 will be a beta test of this process. The Grade Passthrough will only be used for the 4-Week, Midterm and special grade checks at 5-week and 11-week. It will not be used for Final Grade submission.

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