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Northwest Missouri State University

Marcy Roush (Photo by University Photography)

Marcy Roush

Ms. Marcy Roush, Instructor
Communication/Theatre/Language Department
Instructional Concepts

Practice makes perfect!  Ms. Marcy Roush, Instructor for Communication/Theatre/Language Department teaches sign language and knows the value of practicing and modeling language learning.  This enthusiastic instructor decided to take advantage of technology to move her classroom into the virtual world providing her students with an extended opportunity to practice and learn long after class is over in the physical classroom.

Ms. Roush uses her eCompanion course sites in a unique way by adding interactive and engaging multimedia content.  These activities were developed using Flash and provide students with a link to two activities.

The first activity is Finger Spelling.  In this activity, she presents video recordings of finger spellings for various words.  Students are given a menu from which to select an activity. They can learn various vocabulary words by choosing a word from a drop down menu and watching the video of the finger spelling.  Students can adjust their speeds by beginning at slow then moving to medium and then to fast as they increase their fluency and execution of signing.  This allows the student to grow as they advance their signing skills.  They may also practice finger spelling recognition by watching videos of finger spellings and determining which word is being spelled from a list on the screen.  The last selection from the menu of activities is a recording of finger spellings which student may watch as many times as needed and then they must type the word in the text box provided.  After submitting their answer, they are given feedback.

Words in Motion is another Flash activity that Ms. Roush has developed to aid her students in learning sign language.  This game-style activity allows students to learn the sign for words through a practice session.  After the practice session, they can "play" through each lesson using a matching game where they must match the video sign of a word to the text-based word.  Feedback is provided to the student after losing or winning the game offering them the opportunity to play again.

In addition to providing these activities for integration into her eCompanion course site, Ms. Roush has designed and developed a supplementary course site in which all sign language students are enrolled and can access at any time.  This course site is filled with rich learning resources for students to engage and practice sign language techniques.  The opportunities for students to practice and study sign language are many and varied.  These activities and the ability to access the materials anytime, anywhere give students additional quality contact time with the content and the concepts of this curriculum.

Bayo Adio, a former CITE Intern; Crystal Ward, a former CITE Multimedia Developer; and Wes Hardee, a former CITE Intern all worked closely with Ms. Roush to develop these projects.  These projects can be used in the class room for lecture demonstrations and/or in an eCompanion site.  Words in Motion and Finger Spelling may be viewed on the CITE website under the Showcase link by clicking on Projects and Sign Language.  If you are interested in learning more about Ms. Roush's projects, please contact the CITE Office or Ms. Roush.