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Northwest Missouri State University

Dr. Melody Hubbard

Dr. Melody Hubbard

Dr. Melody Hubbard, Assistant Professor
Communication/Theatre/Language Arts Department
Communication Doctor - Instructional Concept

Providing students the opportunity to actively participate in assessing their performance is the point behind the Communication Doctor project that has been edited and completed by Dr. Melody Hubbard, Assistant Professor of Communication/Theatre/Language Arts. The original concept and ideas for the Communication Doctor were designed by Dr. Roy Schwartzman. Dr. Hubbard felt the project was important enough to integrate into the program and use with students that she decided to finish the project for use in the department's Oral Communications courses.

The Communication Doctor is designed to encourage students to make connections between their four public speaking presentations in the Fundamentals of Oral Communication course. All Fundamentals instructors use the same assessment rubric and the Doctor aligns with the rubric and contains a "prescription" for improvement in various presentation delivery areas such as speaking conversationally, handling visuals, gaining audience attention, or transitioning between main points. Prescriptions are written in conversational prose and are designed to be easily understood and realistic for a beginning speaker.

After reading (and printing if desired) their prescriptions, the student fills out a four-question self-evaluation explaining what improvements they plan to make in their next presentation. This evaluation form is then e-mailed to the instructor who incorporates the student's goal in preparing feedback to subsequent student presentations.

Ideally, the Communication Doctor activity is an integral part of the student's experience and encourages students to focus on continuous improvement through goal setting and self reflection. For instructors, they have a tool that reinforces their feedback and is tailored to each student.

If you would like to view the Communication Doctor instructional concept, click on the following link:

Communication Doctor

Adam Messner, CITE Multimedia Developer provided design and development assistance to both Dr. Schwartzman and Dr. Hubbard in completing this project. Communication Doctor was developed using Flash software. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Hubbard's instructional concept, please contact the CITE Office or Dr. Hubbard.