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Dr. Jim Eiswert and his Video Lectures with Captions

Dr. Jim Eiswert and Video Lectures & Captions

Dr. Jim Eiswert, Associate Professor
Humanities & Social Sciences Department
Video Lectures & Captions

Many faculty have begun to use video as a way to assist students in learning content.  Short video lectures and screen recordings are becoming a popular method to deliver classroom lectures, historically difficult content and concepts, and the expertise of the faculty related to the content that the textbook may not cover.  These video recordings provide online students with a connection to the faculty member and the content besides just the textbook.  They provide students in face-to-face classes with another opportunity to listen to and understand the various content and concepts they may not have picked up on during classroom lectures and discussions.  Video recordings of lectures are also one way to use technology to flip the face-to-face classroom leaving class time for engagement in content specific interactive activities.

Dr. Jim Eiswert, Associate Professor in the Humanities & Social Sciences Department has spent time during the summer updating his online lectures for his Introduction to Philosophy online course.  Part of that updating process has been to include captions for each of the recordings he created.  If video or audio is used within a course site, ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance requires that captioning or transcripts of the video or audio are included in the course site.  Until recently, this requirement has been difficult to meet. 

To record the video lectures, Dr. Eiswert used Camtasia Studio software which is a professional solution for recording, editing, and sharing high-quality screen video.  Camtasia, can easily record information from a computer screen, PowerPoints, and web video to create content for course sites. In Dr. Eiswert’s video screen recorded lectures, he included a captioning of the video lecture which appears at the bottom of the screen below the PowerPoint text as he is lecturing about the content.  These captions provide the needed ADA compliance requirement for videos.  It also provides students the added benefit of being able to not only listen to the lecture, but also read the text of the lecture as Dr. Eiswert presents the materials.  This method of delivery offers students two learning modalities from which to absorb the content of the lectures.  Students are also able to easily find a point in the lectures where they may need to listen to a section again in order to better understand the material presented.  View a recording: Introduction to the Course

Dr. Eiswert is an Associate Professor in the Humanities & Social Sciences Department where he teaches Philosophy, Logic, and Comparative Religion courses.  If you are interested in learning more about how Dr. Eiswert develops video lectures and captions, contact him at or x-1257 or the CITE Office at and x-1532.