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Northwest Missouri State University

Education Leadership

Education Leadership

Dr. Phil Messner, Dr. Joyce Piveral, Dr. Max Fridell, Dr. Matt Symonds, Dr. Sam Jennings, Dr. Leslie Galbreath
Educational Leadership Department
Mega Program Site

The Educational Leadership Department is taking a creative approach in order to meet the needs of the graduate students enrolling in the Masters in Educational Leadership Program. Faculty are using a mega course site to deliver their entire masters program from one convenient location.

In the past, students who enrolled in this program would take courses in the usual manner where faculty would each have a course site housing their content and resources for their courses. These courses were open only during the term in which they were being offered. Normally this approach works fine for most programs and courses, but these graduate students were finding they needed access to content and resources from previous courses in order to help them complete other courses in the program. The solution to this issue was to create a mega course site where students could access all past course content.

The process for this project was to create a new term just for the Higher Education Leadership Masters Program and one course site for each cohort and all of the courses associated with the Higher Education Leadership Program. The single course site contains a unit button for each course in the masters program. Within the unit are the course syllabus, course content, and course resources used to teach the course delivered via the course content items. The term and course site are left open for the duration of each of the cohorts. This allows for access to content and resources from any of the specific classes at any time during the program.

If you are interested in learning more about mega course sites, please contact the CITE Office at x-1532 or any of the faculty who are participating in this project.