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Northwest Missouri State University

Rod Barr

Rod Barr

Mr. Rod Barr, Instructor
Agriculture Department
Instructional Concepts

Engaging students with interactive, instructional applications through technology is just one way that Mr. Rod Barr helps his students learn.  Mr. Barr is an Instructor with the Agriculture Department on campus at Northwest.  

Using Flash multimedia software, he has designed and developed five instructional concepts to help students better understand the process behind each of these applications.  The first concept allows students to practice surveying through the process of differential and profile leveling.  Students use an animated instrument and record field notes for the project.  The entire process is highly engaging and students can easily interact through the instructional concept.

The second project is based on giving students the opportunity to practice reading a Vernier Caliper.  Again, the students can easily engage in working through the process by using this animated instrument.  Three objects are provided in this application for students to measure along with a chart for them to record their measurements and receive feedback regarding their work.

The third project gives students another opportunity to practice reading an agricultural tool, the micrometer.  Students may select from three objects for measurements.  A chart is provided to record measurements and receive feedback.  Objects are measured using an animated micrometer that students can manipulate using the mouse on their computer.

Know Your Turfgrass is the fourth project that Mr. Barr has completed.  In this project, students learn characteristics of various turfgrass species.  Also, his course site in eCompanion for Turfgrass Management has been enhanced with graphics (very green grass) designed and developed by Mr. Barr to complement the content topic—Turfgrass Management.

The last project is a wiring guide to help students understand advanced home wiring circuit maps.  These electrical circuit projects allow students to practice wiring various circuits electronically.

Wes Hardee, a former CITE Intern; Adam Messner, a former CITE Multimedia Developer; and Adam Nutting, a former CITE Multimedia Developer all worked closely with Mr. Barr to develop these projects.  These projects can be used in class during lecture demonstrations and discussions and/or in an eCompanion or eCourse site.  The projects may be viewed on the CITE website under the Showcase link by clicking on Projects and Agriculture.  If you are interested in learning more about Mr. Barr’s use of Flash applications, please contact the CITE Office or Mr. Barr.