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Northwest Missouri State University

Dr. Sue Myllykangas featuring Path Builder in Pearson Learning Management Studio

Sue Myllykangas and Path Builder

Dr. Myllykangas, Associate Professor
Health & Human Services Department
Path Builder in eCompanion/eCourse

Path Builder is a feature found in the eCompanion/eCourse course management system.  It provides a way for faculty to setup gates for your course content.  Students would need to obtain a certain score on a quiz or exam, turn in an item to the Dropbox, or participate in a Threaded Discussion, to move on to another Content Item or Unit in your course.

Use the Path Builder to automate and control the pace at which students can move on to the next Content Item or Unit for the course.  By enabling performance condition-based parameters, you determine what criteria must be met for an assignment or exam before students can continue.

Path Builder is a powerful means in managing student progression throughout each lesson and Unit.  You can set student performance conditions on content and in turn control student access to new content by time constraints and individual performance.

Dr. Myllykangas teaches for the Health & Human Services Department.  She uses Path Builder in her courses to help guide students through the content and work toward mastering the content she teaches.

Path Builder: Think “Gate Keeper” or “Coach” and you have an idea of what this function will do for you. There are several really good uses for this function such as:

  1. Flipping the Classroom – Tracking if students have completed assignments or readings BEFORE coming to class.
  2. Assuring that students complete lessons in the order you wish them to.
  3. Restricting students from moving forward in a course/lesson until they have mastered the content/competencies being presented.
  4. Designing online courses for students who wish to work at their own pace within a designated time period.
  5. MORE!

How to Find and Setup Path Builder in eCompanion/eCourse:

  1. Open your class site in eCompanion
  2. Look at the TOP tabs and find the Course Admin tab
  3. Second to the bottom on the list you will see Path Builder
    1. NOTE: You MUST have your course units, lessons, sections, assignments, and quizzes posted BEFORE you can use this feature!
  4. There will be two tabs at the top Course Scheduler and Path Builder – Choose Path Builder.
  5. You will see a link to Collapse All or Expand All…Choose Collapse All to set things up. You’ll see when the units are scheduled to open and close. To change these go to the Course Scheduler link and set the open/close dates for each unit and then come back to Path Builder.
  6. You should see all of your unit/lesson headings (listed in the left side bar) listed on the Path Builder page.
  7. Each unit/lesson will ask you to identify a Condition (such as students must complete
  8. Introduction of self to move on) and Criteria for the student t be able to move on.
  9. You select those.
  10. If you select No Trigger…you won’t have to set a Criteria.
  11. With each unit/lesson you have the option to add Triggers and Conditions to each component within the unit/lesson.
  12. You have the option of Hiding the Unit/Lesson (only the title will show up in the
  13. Student’s eCompanion view), Assignments and Quiz until the Trigger has been met and the Unit/Lesson opens for them.
  14. Once you have the course set up the way you want – Push SAVE.
  15. You can double-check to see if you have set things up correctly by opening the
  16. Student view of eCompanion and review what they can see.

Dr. Myllykangas is an Associate Professor in the Health & Human Services Department where she teaches Recreation.  If you are interested in learning more about how Dr. Myllykangas organizes her course sites using Path Builder, contact her at or x-1377.