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While the learning management system is considered to be accessible, faculty must take care to ensure that content placed in Northwest Online conforms to accessibility standards and does not present barriers for students. Proper formatting of content must be used since the learning management has no way to know, for example, that the faculty intended for certain text to be a heading or a list item unless it is properly coded. Also, faculty and instructors might choose to use third-party resources from publishers and other sources. Many of these sources will include an accessibility statement.


Quality Matters Accessibility Standards:

Quality Matters Standard 8.3 requires that information is provided about the accessibility of all technologies required in the course.  Learners with disabilities should have access to information on the accessibility of the learning management system and all additional required technologies. The course should include links to the accessibility statements for all required technologies. If an accessibility statement does not exist for a particular technology, a statement is included that explains that the accessibility statement does not exist.

Examples of technologies that might be required in an online course:

    1. A learning management system, including integrated third-party software
    2. Presentation software
    3. A web-conferencing tool
    4. A polling tool
    5. A lecture-capture system
    6. One or more media players
    7. A document-sharing system
    8. Social media tools

Links to common technologies being used:

Quality Matters Standard 7.2 requires that course instructions articulate or link to the institution’s accessibility policies and services.

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE)


Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM)

Principles of Accessible Design:

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool: Use WAVE to check websites for basic levels of accessibility. WAVE is a free designed Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool.

Create and verify PDF accessibility (Acrobat Pro DC)

Creating accessible PDFs: