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What are Announcements? Announcements Overview (Instructors)
Course Scheduler (Course Admin>Course Scheduler) Calendar What is the Calendar for Instructors? Calendar Overview (Instructors)
Course Enrollment (Course Admin>Course Enrollment) People How do I use the People page as an instructor? People Overview (Instructors)
Course Information & Preferences (Course Admin>Course Information & Preferences) Settings (left navigation bar) What are the Canvas settings at the course level? Course Settings (Instructor)
Threaded Discussion Discussions What are Discussions for instructors? Discussion Creation (Instructors)
Doc Sharing Files What are Files for instructors? Files: Add Course Content (Instructors)
Dropbox Assignments What are Assignments for Instructors? Assignments Overview (Instructors)

Assignments Creation (Instructors)
Email Conversations How do I use Conversations? Communication Overview (Instructors)
Faculty Course Copy Tool Course Import Tool What does the Course Import tool do? Course Import Tool (Instructors)
Gradebook Grades What are Grades and the Gradebook?

What is SpeedGrader?
Gradebook Overview (Instructors)

SpeedGrader Overview (Instructors)
Groups (Course Admin>Group Management) Groups What are Student Groups? Groups: Creation & Management (Instructors)
Journal n/a This feature is not available at this time
Unit Content items Modules What are Modules for Instructors? Modules: Creation & Management (Instructors)
Live (Chat and ClassLive) Conferences/Chat

What is Chat?

What are Conferences for Instructors?

Chat Overview (Instructors)

Conferences Overview (Instructors)

Mobile Site (n/a) Mobile Apps



Canvas App for iPhone (All Users)

Canvas App for iPad (All Users)

Canvas App for Android Phone (All Users)

Canvas App for Android Tablet (All Users)

Quizzes/Tests/Exams Quizzes What are Quizzes for Instructors?

Quiz Creation: Settings (Instructors)

Quiz Creation: Questions (Instructors)

Syllabus Syllabus How do I use the Syllabus as an Instructor? Syllabus Overview (Instructors)
Text/Multimedia Content Pages What are Pages for instructors? Pages: Creation & Management (Instructors)
User Activity (Gradebook>User Activity) Course Analytics What are Analytics for my course? Course Analytics (Instructors)
Visual Editor Rich Content Editor (RCE) What is the Rich Content Editor? Rich Content Editor (All Users)
Webliography n/a Does not exist in Canvas - create a page and add links
What's New Course Activity Stream How do I use the Course Activity Stream?