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Elementary Mathematics Specialist
Certificate Program

Why Study Elementary Mathematics

The Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Specialist program is designed to offer full-time teachers an in-depth study of grade appropriate mathematics as specified in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (2010), supervised application of pedagogy and leadership training.

The program is designed and will be delivered collaboratively across five institutions:

  • University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Central Missouri
  • Missouri State University
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • Northwest Missouri State University

The program includes face-to-face (20 credits), and school-based internships (4 credits).

Although most courses will be delivered collaboratively, each student must choose one of the collaborative universities as his/her home university. This is the university at which the student will enroll in all classes (paying that university’s tuition/fees), receive advising and attend all face-to-face sessions.

The courses are offered over a two-year cycle, but new cohorts may begin each fall. Classes may be capped, so students who wish to participate in this program need to apply at your home university as soon as possible.

Each university in the collaborative also offers a master’s degree of which the Elementary Mathematics Specialist (EMS) program is a part.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time elementary teachers with at least one year of classroom teaching experience
  • strong interest in enhancing mathematics content and pedagogical preparation
  • commitment to completing the requirements of the program in the two-year period

Because students are more successful in cohort programs, it is essential that participants commit to the timeline and requirements of the program.