Northwest is dedicated to unity. We act on the principles of respect and appreciation for humankind. We commit learning, practice and service to the advancement of peace and harmony for all members of our community, nation and world.

Aug. 29, 2016

Northwest students,

We welcome you to campus for the 2016-2017 academic year and want to take a few moments to reinforce what it means to be a Bearcat.

We focus on student success – every student, every day. Faculty and staff are personally committed to your success, and we need you to commit as well.

Bearcats learn. We go to class. We do our homework. We turn assignments in on time. We do not cheat or plagiarize. We do not shift the responsibility of our learning on to others.

Bearcats connect. We lean on each other and seek help when we need it. We get involved. We collaborate. We develop networks.

Bearcats care. We take care of ourselves, each other and our campus. We eat well and get appropriate rest. We celebrate and value differences; we are inclusive. We reach out to others in need. We keep our campus clean and safe. We greet and welcome friends and visitors alike.

Bearcats practice civility. We uphold unity and responsibility. We reach out to others. We keep ourselves and others safe. We do not use racial or other derogatory slurs. We do not tolerate sexual or dating violence. If we choose to drink, we know our limits. We do not use drugs. We do not engage in bullying of any kind.

Bearcats show pride. We represent our University to the fullest. We support one another and share in the University’s achievements. Our closets are filled with green attire. We sport paws on our vehicles. We post photos and videos of campus life and share exciting achievements on our social media feeds like no one else.

Keep your goals in front of you and remember the reason you are here. Be bold. Be connected. Be successful.

Northwest Leadership Team