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Enhanced Northwest Leadership System

President's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Team

The President’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Team advises the president regarding diversity and inclusion issues. It provides a proactive platform to address cultural insensitivity as well as structural and systemic issues of bias and racism. Promoting collaboration and two-way communication by bringing together representatives from various underrepresented populations, the team helps actualize Northwest’s diversity and inclusion goals and objectives. 


  • Work collaboratively to identify and address concerns of underrepresented students, faculty and staff with injustices of the broader society.
  • Advise the president regarding suggested actions on the development and implementation of policies and programs designed to enhance diversity and inclusion for all members of the Northwest community.
  • Hold University leadership accountable for addressing cultural insensitivity and social justice on campus.
  • Pursue and fulfill other diversity and inclusive-related initiatives by the president
  • Collaborate with campus groups and departments based on campus needs to foster community building and engagement through inclusion.
  • Plug in to other campus and external groups as appropriate. 

Meeting frequency

The advisory team meets formally once a month. The assistant vice president of diversity and inclusion chairs the advisory team and provides a monthly progress update to the president and provost.