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Academic Excellence: Agricultural Learning Center

The Agricultural Learning Center is Now Open

The Agricultural Learning Center is Now Open


Located at the front door of the 448-acre R.T. Wright Farm, the Agricultural Learning Center (ALC) will allow producers, consumers and all Northwest students to come together to discuss, learn and strategize solutions for agriculture and food systems.


  • Increase partnership potential and education opportunities on the farm
  • Enhance farm visitor experience and interaction options
  • Improve hands-on learner engagement
  • Create new learning spaces
$6.5M - $0M

Paving the way

The ALC will allow faculty to expand profession-based learning experiences that will allow students to be career ready, day one.

Rod Barr
Director of the School of Agricultural Sciences

Farming lifestyle breeds opportunities for Blackford family

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The Blackford Family
John & Jill Blackford and Jim & Beverly Blackford

I am Forever Green

Ingredion is happy to support the Agricultural Learning Center because it will create a central hub of learning and sharing ideas. Plus it will showcase the exceptional talent and capabilities of Northwest’s School of Agricultural Sciences. Northwest graduates tend to be ‘old-soul’ employees, meaning they have all the knowledge and latest information, but they still possess those old-fashioned values that are so often missing in today’s workforce. It’s important for Ingredion and others in our industry to support Northwest and this initiative as it creates a ‘farm system’ of local talent that can be drawn on for future employment needs.

Mark Macrander ’94
St. Joseph, Missouri

Why Forever Green

$6.5M  fundraising goal
29K  Square-foot facility
448  acre farm
687  Agriculture students