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Northwest Missouri State University

Available Help For a Class

General Information | Business/Computer Science | Humanities/History/Government | Science/Math | Other

General Information

Subject Areas

The TDC provides assistance in the following areas of study.

Business/Computer Science Help

Science/Math Help

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physics
  • Agriculture

Humanities/History/Government Help

Other Help

  • Humanities
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Family and Consumer Sciences


Types of Assistance

This type of appointment is strictly between the student and the tutor or other faculty member. This is a one-on-one tutoring session which allows the student to receive help.
This type of appointment has to be at least 3 people ( including the tutor ). This type of appointment is based on the idea that people can get help together, such as friends, roommates, or just people that know each other going to get help at the same appointment


Contact Information

For any further help or assistance, contact the TDC:

  • For Individual or Groups appointments, call TDC (ext. 1726)
  • For SI appointments, check the SI Schedule

Business/Computer Science Classes

Accounting Type of Help
ACCT 51-201 Accounting I Individual
ACCT 51-202 Accounting II Individual
ACCT 51-301 Cost Accounting Individual
Computer Science Type of Help
CSIS 44-130 Using Computers Group
CSIS 44-141 Computer Programming I Individual
CSIS 44-241 Computer Programming II Individual
Economics Type of Help
ECON 52-130 Survey of Economics Individual
ECON 52-150 General Economics I Individual, SI
ECON 52-151 General Economics II Individual, SI
Finance Type of Help
FIN 53-311 Business Law Individual
FIN 53-324 Fundamental of Business Finance Individual
Marketing Type of Help
MKTG 55-330 Principles of Marketing Individual
Management Type of Help
MGMT 54-313 Principles of Management Individual

Humanities/History/Government Classes

Humanities Type of Help
HUM 26-102 Western Civilization I Individual
HUM 26-103 Western Civilization II Individual
History Type of Help
HIST 33-155 Am Hist Survey Individual, SI
Political Science Type of Help
POLI 34-102 Intro to Am Gov & Pol Individual, SI
Psychology Type of Help
PSYC 08-103 General Psychology Individual
PSYC 08-223 Abnormal Psychology Individual
Philosophy Type of Help
PHIL 39-171 Intro to Philosophy Individual, Group
PHIL 39-274 Intro to Ethics Individual, Group
Sociology Type of Help
SOC 35-101 General Sociology Individual
SOC 35-108 General Anthropology Individual
Family and Consumer Sciences Type of Help
FCS 15-214 Human Development Individual

Science/Math Classes

Biology Type of Help
BIO 04-102 General Biology Individual, SI
BIO 04-114 General Zoology Individual, SI
Chemistry Type of Help
CHEM 24-114 General Chemistry I Individual
CHEM 24-116 General Chemistry II Individual
Geography Type of Help
GEOG 32-101 Introduction to Geography Individual, Group
Geology Type of Help
GEOL 27-110 General Geology Individual, Group
Mathematics and Statistics Type of Help
MATH 17-092 Math Skills I Individual, Group
MATH 17-093 Math Skills II Individual, Group
MATH 17-110 Finite Mathematics Individual
MATH 17-115 Concepts of Mathematics Individual
MATH 17-117 Precalculus Individual
MATH 17-118 College Algebra Individual, Group
MATH 17-119 Trigonometry Individual
MATH 17-120 Calculus I Individual
MATH 17-121 Calculus II Individual
MATH 17-171 Fundamentals of Math Individual
MATH 17-371 Alg Geo-ele/Middle Tchr Individual
Physics Type of Help
PHYS 25-110 General Physics I Individual

Other Classes & Help

Agriculture Type of Help
AGR 03-102 Intro to Ag Econ Individual
AGR 03-130 Plant Science Individual
AGR 03-150 Animal Science Individual
AGR 03-334 Soils Individual, SI
Communication Type of Help
COM 29-102 Oral Communication Individual
English Type of Help
ENG 10-220 Intro to Literature Individual
Languages Type of Help
LANG 14-141 Spanish I Individual
LANG 14-142 Spanish II Individual
Music Type of Help
MUS 19-103 Found Music Theory Individual, Group
MUS 19-201 Enjoyment of Music Individual, Group
Theatre Type of Help
THRT 43-101 Theatre Appreciation Individual
ACT, CBASE Type of Help
ACT Individual, Group
CBASE Individual, Group