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Northwest Missouri State University

Recognition Policy

Recognition of Student Organizations

  1. Organizations may become recognized by petitioning the Committee on Organizational Affairs and following the Organization Recognition Policy.
  2. Recognized organizations must follow the guidelines in the Organization Recognition Policy in order to maintain recognition.


  1. Organizations must have a sponsor who is a full-time member of the Northwest faculty, staff, or administration.
  2. Members must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Organizations must submit a constitution and /or bylaws (or request and exemption).
  4. Organizations must submit a list of officers and general members that includes local addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  5. Organizations must adhere to all University policies.

Application Procedure

  1. Organizations that wish to become recognized must obtain a Organization Recognition Form (link to form), which is available online or in the Student Senate Office.
  2. The application must be received by a student government official, who shall date and initial it.
  3. The chairperson of the Organizational Affairs Committee shall schedule a hearing at which the organization's request for recognition will be heard.
  4. The committee will then make their recommendations for approval to the full Senate and if approved, the organization will be asked to speak at the next Student Senate meeting.

Student Senate Hearing Procedure

  1. The chairperson of the Committee on Organizational Affairs or his/her designee shall report on all requests of organizations to become recognized. If the committee is recommending recognition of an organization, the report should include a motion to recognize it. If the committee is recommending that no recognition be granted, no motion should be presented.
  2. The motion made by the committee shall be subject to amendment according to Student Senate policies and parliamentary procedure.
  3. Following a recommendation by the committee not to recognize an organization, a motion for recognition by a senator shall be in order.
  4. Following a motion to recognize a student organization and debate on that motion, Student Senate shall vote to recognize or not to recognize the organization.
  5. Senators making a motion or debating about the recognition of an organization of which they are members, must make their membership know to Student Senate.

Rights of Recognized Organizations

  1. Use of any meeting rooms on campus, free of charge.
  2. The right to request posting privileges on University posting bulletin boards.
  3. The right to request permission to perform sidewalk chalking.
  4. The right to request funds from the Student Senate Committee on Organizational Affairs.
  5. The right to request a listing of the organizational database.
  6. The right to officially endorse or campaign on behalf of candidates in SGA and Student Senate elections subject to the Student Senate Elections and Campaigning Policy.

Organizations not adhering to the aforementioned policy may lose all rights granted by this policy for a period of one academic term.