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Northwest Missouri State University

Academic and Departmental Organizations

Accounting Society
President: Jacob Davis
Advisor(s): Steve Ludwig; Rahnl Wood
Mission: To bring together accounting majors in an environment that is focused on building relationships and networking with fellow classmates and professionals in the accounting field.
Purpose: To promote Scholarship in the study of Accounting.
To provide interaction between, and a professional environment for students of accounting and other related fields outside the classroom.
To foster high ethical and moral standards for its members toward the community.
To provide opportunities for association among its members, professional organizations and practicing accountants.
To instill in its members a continuing desire for self improvement.
President: Haley Lewin
Advisor(s): Jacquie Lamer; Lisa Bishop
Mission: To make the vast consumer communication field accessible for students. We provide networking opportunities to students, encourage increased exposure to the advertising process, and offer educational events that expand the student perception of how to communicate to consumers.
Purpose: (1) To provide and promote a better understanding of the functions of advertising and of its values; (2) to stimulate and encourage advertising professionalism through advertising education; (3) to apply the skills, creativity, and energy of advertising to help solve social problems; (4) develop the individual abilities of its members; and (5) promote fellowship and free exchange of ideas.
Agronomy Club
President: Josh Blair
Advisor(s): Dr. Tom Zweifel; Nigel Hoilet
Mission: To bring together students interested in crop, soil, and environmental science.
Purpose: a) To stimulate interest in the Agronomy profession.
b) To enhance a spirit of cooperation and helpfulness among students in these agricultural sciences.
c) To support the Department of Agricultural Sciences.
Alpha Tau Alpha/ Collegiate FFA/ Post- Secondary Agriculture Student
President: Jesica Wells
Advisor(s): Rod Barr 
Mission: - Promote the high ideals and standards of agriculture and FFA
- Provide opportunities for scholarship, leadership advancment, professional development, and service
-Promote agriculture, agriculture literacy, and agriculture education
- Promote social/ recreational and networking activities
Purpose: - Promote the high ideals and standards of agriculture and FFA.
- Provide opportunities for scholarship, leadership advancment, professional development, and service.
- Promote agriculture, agriculture literacy, and agriculture education.
- Promote social/ recreational and networking activities.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists: Loess Hills Chapter
President: Rachel Schulta
Advisor(s): John Paul Pope Ph.D 
Mission:  The purpose of this association is to advance the science of geology, especially as it relates to petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources; to promote the technology of exploring for, finding, and producing these materials from the earth; to foster the spirit of scientific research throughout its membership; to disseminate information relating to the geology and associated technology of petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources; to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct on the part of its members; to provide the public with means of recognition of adequately trained and professional responsible petroleum geologists; and to advance the professional well being of its members.
Purpose: The purpose of this association is to advance the science of geology, especially as it relates to petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources; to promote the technology of exploring for, finding, and producing these materials from the earth; to foster the spirit of scientific research throughout its membership; to disseminate information relating to the geology and associated technology of petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources; to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct on the part of its members; to provide the public with means of recognition of adequately trained and professional responsible petroleum geologists; and to advance the professional well being of its members.
American Choral Directors Association
President: Courtney Hockman
Advisor(s): Stephen Town
Mission: The mission of the American Choral Directors Association is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.
Purpose: The purposes of this organization shall be those as set forth in the National Constitution of the American Choral Directors Association, and are state as follows:
1.To foster and promote choral singing which will provide artistic and spirited experiences for the participants.
2.To foster and promote the finest types of choral music to make these experiences possible.
3.To foster and encourage rehearsal procedures conducive to attaining the highest level possible in musicianship and artistic performance.
4.To foster and promote the organization and development of choral groups of all types in schools, colleges, and churches.
5.To foster and promote the organization and development of choral societies in cities and communities.
6.To foster and promote the intelligent understanding of choral music as an important medium of artistic expression.
7.To foster and promote significant research in the field of choral music.
8.To foster and promote composition of superior quality in both music and text for all choral combinations.
9.To cooperate with all organizations dedicated to the development of musical culture in America.
10.To disseminate professional news and information about choral music.
American Marketing Association
President: Brenda Jones
Advisor(s): Allison Hoffmann
Mission: The AMA is a professional association for individuals and organizations leading the practice, teaching and development of marketing knowledge worldwide.
Purpose: Our principle role is to serve as a forum to connect like-minded individuals and foster knowledge sharing, provide resources, tools and training and support marketing practice and thought leadership around the globe.
American Sign Language Club
President: Kyle Blackford 
Advisor(s): Marcy Roush
Mission:  To promote the awareness of American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Culture. We discuss issues within the Deaf community and  how it relates to our everyday lives
Purpose: The Northwest American Sign Language Club exists as a resource to the campus and community; expanding knowledge of Deaf culture and services.
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
President: Stetson Smith
Advisor(s): Dr. Gary McDonald; Michael Rodgers
Mission: ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology. With a worldwide membership ACM is a leading resource for computing professionals and students working in the various fields of information technology.


The Northwest Missouri State University Student Chapter of ACM is committed to providing computer science students with opportunities for out-of-class professional exposure and social interaction.  Specific objectives are:

A. To promote an increased knowledge of the scientific, design, development, construction, language, and applications of computers;

B. To promote a greater interest in computing and its applications; and

C. To provide a means of communication between persons having interest in computing.

The chapter uses a team-centric structure.  This utilizes intercommunication between teams to move the chapter forward in its professional growth.

The professional team's main goal is to provide an environment for the chapter's  members to develop professional skills for tomorrow's workplace.  This includes facilitating communication with industry, arranging field trips to local and regional corporations, and providing programs to keep the members abreast of new developments in the computing field.

The social team promotes camaraderie among all members and nurtures relations between faculty and student members.

Association for Computing Machinery - Women (ACM-W)
President: Grace Horvath
Advisor(s): Diana Linville


ACM-W supports, celebrates, and advocates for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field.

Purpose: To provide a support group and community to women pursuing a technical field at Northwest Missouri State.
Block and Bridle
President: Tessa Mittag
Advisor(s): Dr. Jamison Allen


To promote a higher scholastic standard and a more complete understanding of Animal Science among student members.

Purpose: -To promote a higher scholastic standard and a more complete understanding of Animal Science among student members.

-To promote animal agriculture through development of a program of activities that will supplement students' study of the animal sciences in colleges and universities.

-To enhance professionalism of students who will one day be leaders in the animal agriculture industry.

-To bring about a closer relationship among all students pursuing some phase of animal agriculture as a profession.

Cardinal Key National Honor Society
President: Kally Brennan
Advisor(s): Deb Toomey
Mission: To promote achievement in scholarship and extra curricular activities, to advance personal growth, patriotism, and service by affording training in the leadership demonstrated in college and in the wider community; and to develop worthy character by the application of Four Cardinal Virtues to daily living experiences.

Cardinal Key National Honor Society, Inc. shall be an organization for students of at least junior status at Northwest Missouri State University, who are leaders in the college community, and who are deemed potential leaders in their future lives. Cardinal Key should honor these, inspire leadership in others, and utilize leadership capabilities in an active program of service to Northwest and the community.

Clay Club
President: Brianna Cochran
 Advisor(s): Bobby Tso

To educate aspiring ceramicists on various new techniques, methods, and directions/trends within the ceramic art scene.

 Purpose: To bring together all advanced ceramic students, provide them with the oppertunity to learn more about their craft, and giving back to the community through fundraising and public acknowledgment of the ceramic arts.
Council for Exceptional Children
 President: Katie Whelan
 Advisor(s): Shirley Steffens 
 Purpose: "The Council for Exceptional Children is a premier education organization, internationally renowned for its expertise and leadership, working collaboratively with strategic partners to ensure that children and youth with exceptionalities are valued and full participating members of society. As a diverse and vibrant professional community, CEC is a trusted voice in shaping education practice and policy." - CEC.SPED.ORG
Delta Tau Alpha - Agricutlure Honor Society
President: Sydney Lawrence
Advisor(s): Dr. Naveen Musunuru
Mission: The Honor Society of Delta Tau Alpha (DTA) promotes and recognizes scholarship and leadership accomplishments of agricultural students while emphasizing character development, enhancing undergraduate preparation for professional positions, and joining with other agricultural student's organizations in the promotion of agriculture.
Purpose: The purposes of DTA are to: 1) To promote and recognize high standards of scholarship, leadership, and character among agricultural students; 2) To encourage and foster high ethical standards of agriculture and professional positions held by agricultural students; 3) To band together a group of outstanding students who by scholastic accomplishment, service, and upholding high character standards have been recognized for these traits and are capable of recognizing these traits in others; 4) To promote the profession of agriculture; and 5) To render service and to cooperate with the student bodies and the agricultural divisions of the respective institutions.
Dietetic Association
President: Clara Swoboda
Advisor: Kelli Wilmes; Karen From
Mission: Northwest Student Dietetic Association is a group of Northwest Missouri State dietetic students that participate in both campus and community events involving nutrition education and awareness.
Purpose: To further the education and awareness of nutrition within the community, to guide our students to achieving their collegiate and future dietetic goals, and to promote a healthy lifestyle.
 President: Cameron Ramaekers
 Advisor(s): Carol Spradling; Jody Strauch

To encourage and provide networking experiences with professionals in the Digital Media, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Advertising, Marketing, and other related industries

 Purpose: To help students prepare for occupations in the of Digital Media, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Advertising, Marketing, and other related fields by providing avenues to internship and full-time opportunities
 President: Rachel Kakareka
 Advisor(s): John Katsion 
 Mission:  To inform and advance students involved in the communication fields


The purpose of the organization shall be:
a.To promote an interest in the fields of communications and public relations.
b.To provide fellowship among students and faculty.
c.To represent student needs and wants as they relate to the professional fields of communications and public relations.
d.To provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to benefit of the University community.

Financial Management Association
 President: Monica Irwin
 Advisor(s): Casey Abington
 Mission: The mission of the Financial Management Association is to be the global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making.


The purpose of FMA is to serve the global finance community by broadening the common interests between academics and practitioners, providing opportunities for professional interaction between and among academics, practitioners and students, promoting the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices
enhancing the quality of education in finance.

Health & Human Services Future Professional Organization
Advisor(s): Alice Foose  
Mission: Our mission is to enhance knowledge of the profession while gaining needed certifications and to encourage student interest in the fields of Health, Physical Education, Recreation dietetics and other related programs or related fields through additional professional development with other professionals.
Purpose: The purpose of the Health and Human Services Future professionals of Northwest Missouri State University shall be to promote professional development and a sense of fellowship among its members, the entire student body and the surrounding community. To enhance knowledge of the profession while gaining needed certifications and to encourage student interest in the fields of Health, Physical Education, Recreation dietetics and other related programs or related fields through additional professional development with other professionals.
History Club
President Gina Haag
Advisor Dr. Elyssa Ford
Purpose: The History club provides an informal setting for discussing all things connected to history.
Horticulture Club
President: Taylor Olson
Advisor: Rego Jones
Mission: To promote horticulture to students of all majors.
Purpose: To offer direction in the appreciation and culture of plants.
Kind Individuals Dedicated to Students (KIDS)
President: Heather Taylor 
Advisor(s): Kristina Alexander 
Mission: KIDS is dedicated to serving children in the Maryville community with positive one-on-one interactions with college students through a fun and exciting atmosphere while promoting diversity.

KIDS is dedicated to serving the children of Maryville in grades 1st-4th by being a positive mentor and role model to the children while at monthly parties hosted by the college students. Through a buddy system college students will help further children's education and learning environment.

President: Danielle Mullens
Mission: KZLX is an student-run independent learning environment for students centered around the operations, promotions, and production of radio and audio-related media.  As a non-commercial radio station, KZLX strives to maintain a professional and creative atmosphere while providing entertaining and informative programming to the students, faculty, and staff of Northwest Missouri State University, as well as the surrounding community.
Purpose: To provide informative and entertaining programming to the Northwest Missouri region, while providing hands-on training for students interested in a broadcast, sound engineering, or media career.
Marine Biology Society
President: Sarah Mousel
Advisor(s): Peter Adam 
Mission: To provide a way for those with an interest in Marine Biology to get together and find ways to help promote different aspects of Marine Biology to the general public.
Purpose: To build relationships between students with similar passions and with the marine environment.
Medium Weight Forks
President: Aaron Carrara
Advisor(s): John Gallaher

A.) Goals

1.To produce a literary journal created by students of Northwest Missouri State University.

2.To provide a safe environment for literary publication, discussion, and promote the growth of students socially and intellectually.

3.To provide a centralized location for publication skills students and students whose work is to be published.



a)Club meetings shall be presented by the organization, led by an exec board member at regular intervals. These meets shall pertain to literary publishing and may be but are not limited to the following: merchandise planning, literary print planning, and anything pertaining to helpful growth of the journal.

b)Club meetings are to be held to the tenants of the above mission statements, notably making sure that works produced are being discussed on an academic level.    



1.To fulfill the mission statement of Medium Weight Forks

2.To publish works of NWMSU students.

Minority Educators of Northwest
President: Taylor Hill-Zweifel
Advisor(s): Steve Bryant
Mission: Preparing to teach in a Diverse world, One step at a time
Purpose: To gain experience and form a network of people who have a Major, or an interest, in an education field. We will learn from each other’s past experiences, gain new perspectives in how to teach in our content area being a minority, and how to better relate to students of all cultures. We will also do volunteering, and observing to make us more comfortable in the classroom, and give us more experience teaching. We will be resources for each other. This organization will better us as minority educators and those that want to educate minority students.
*Minority Educators of Northwest Missouri includes but is not limited to minority education majors, minors, advisors, and professors at Northwest Missouri State University as well as those wanting to teach a diverse population of students.
National Association for Music Education
President: Kyle I. Zimmerman
Advisor(s): Christopher Gibson
 Mission: To advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all.
Purpose: Through its many programs, activities, publications, and conferences, NAƒME addresses all aspects of music education and works to ensure that every student shall have access and exposure to a balanced, comprehensive, and high-quality program of music instruction. By promoting the best possible music education for all children and advancing music education as a profession, NAƒME's objectives are to:
-Provide information, resources, and services for music education professionals.
-Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas through publications and meetings.
-Promote music as an essential area of study.
-Foster the use of the most effective techniques and resources in music education.
-Investigate curricular needs and develop resources for effective music education.
-Develop criteria, guidelines, and evaluation procedures for music education.
-Encourage excellence in music education by recognizing individual achievements and contributions to the profession.
-Maintain an effective liaison with national and international organizations that have allied interests in arts and music education.
Information taken from National website.
Northwest Missourian
President: Trey Williams
Advisor: Steven Chappell
Mission: The Northwest Missourian is an independent learning environment, providing the best source of information and advertising for the community it serves by merging campus and community.
Purpose: The purpose of the Northwest Missourian is to provide the Northwest and Maryville communities with the best information happing today.
NSTA Student Chapter
President: Alex Bolick
Advisor(s): Rena Smith
Mission: To promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.
Purpose: •To promote the mission of NSTA. The mission of the NSTA is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all
•To aquaint pre-service teachers of science with the support resources available from NSTA
•To provide additional professional development in science education to pre-service teachers
•To acquaint pre-service teachers of science with others like themselves at their university or college and across the United States and Canada.
Phi Beta Lambda
President: William Trout
Advisor: Lisa Bishop 
Mission: Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.
Purpose: The purpose of PBL is to provide opportunities for post-secondary students to develop  vocational
competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher education.  PBL is  an integral part of
the instructional program and in addition promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility.
Phi Sigma Tau - Philosophy Club
President: Taylor Cayce
Advisor: Richard Field 
Mission:  Its essential purpose is to promote ties among philosophy departments in accredited institutions and students in philosophy nationally. In addition to providing a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and interest in philosophy, Phi Sigma Tau also promotes interest in philosophy among the general collegiate public.
Purpose: The objects of the Society shall be: (1) to serve as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and personal interest in philosophy; (2) to promote student interest in research and advanced study in this field; (3) to provide opportunities for the publication of student research papers of merit; (4) to encourage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in this field; and (5) to popularize interest in philosophy among the general collegiate public.
Pre-Dental Club
President: Kelsey Lopez
Advisor: Peter Adam; Kelsey Bowlin
Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to:
a.To provide a forum for education about dental school and the application process.
b.To provide a support group for those who are interested in exploring dental school as a form of continuing education and dentistry in general.
c.To create networking opportunities amongst dental school faulty and club members.
d.To provide volunteer and service opportunities to help the greater community.
Pre-Health Occupations Club
President: Brian Geraghty
Advisor: Dr. Gretchen Thornsberry
Purpose: The mission of the organization is to help promote knowledge and skills to students who are interested in pursuing careers in the health field.
Pre- Law Society
President: Gail Bauler 
Advisor: Dan Smith
Mission: We, the full time undergraduate students of Northwest Missouri State University, serving as the University’s official Pre- Law Society, are an organization committed to developing the academic, extracurricular and character development of our members to succeed in legal education and as legal professionals. 
Purpose: Our priority is to provide Northwest students with support needed in pursuit of law school acceptance and success.  We will achieve these objectives through regular informational meetings, trainings, and special events relating to these objectives.
PRomo Communication Agency
President: Taylor Hartong
Advisor: Dr. David Shadinger
Mission: PRomo is on a mission to give students public relations and promotional experience by working with clients on various projects.
Purpose: PRomo is a student-run communications agency that is primarily structured with PR Practicum and Advanced PR Practicum courses. These courses couple academic coursework with practical, hands-on applications to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience in public relations and promotions.
Psi Chi
President: Cameron Moore
Advisor: Linda Sterling; Jennifer Pratt-Hyatt
Mission: Mission is to prepare psychology students for the workforce and/or graduate school. We exist to study and advance psychological concepts and to prepare future students for lifelong learning.
Purpose: Honor Society for Psychology/Behavioral Science Students, used for grad school prep and research purposes.
Psychology/Sociology Society
President: Jacob Peace 
Advisor: Dr. Roger Neustadter; Dr. Kyoung-Ho Shin
Mission: The mission of Psychology/Sociology Society is to broaden the knowledge of psychology and sociology related topics while allowing group members to meet similarly minded individuals to network, learn, and grow.
Purpose: The purpose of Psychology/Sociology Society is to learn more about Psychology and Sociology in a fun, academic environment.
Russian Club
President: Alyssa Roberts
Advisor: Dr. Richardson; Ms. Lewis
Mission: We would like to explore both Russian language and its culture.
Purpose: We aim to expand the understanding of Russian traditions, culture, and history. The language will be utilized in understanding Russian society and social norms. We offer an open forum for all people interested in these and related activities to participate.
Sigma Tau Delta - English Honor Society
President: Michael Evans
Advisor: Brenda Ryan
Mission: Sigma Tau Delta's mission is to recognize students who excel academically in English studies and to promote the study of the English language, writing, and literature. 
Purpose: Sigma Tau Delta honors English majors, minors, and writing minors who achieve a 3.0 GPA in English and an overall GPA of 2.8.  In addition to recognizing these students the organization promotes scholarship and fellowship.  Activites include round table discussions with faculty and members, creative writing workshops, and the yearly book sale.  Also, members have the opportunity to submit critical and creative work for presentation at the annual national convention.
Society of President's Scholars
President: Kara Huen 
Advisor: Dr. Jenny Rytting
Mission: To show appreciation to the university for our scholarships by giving back to the academics of Northwest.
Purpose: Our purpose is to present two academic events each year.  The first is the Last Lecture series which gives a professor a chance to give a lecture to an audience on anything they would like.  The other is an academic symposium to celebrate the works of Northwest students.
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society
President: April Logemann
Advisor: Dr. Michael Hull; Mohammand Meziani
Mission: The professional development of young chemists and to educate the public about chemical issues.
Student Ambassadors
President: Alaina Balano
Advisor: Jeremy Waldeier
Mission: Northwest Ambassadors strive to ensure visiting families have a positive experience while on campus whether that is providing them with accurate information or simply making them feel at home.
Purpose: The Northwest Ambassadors are leaders in the campus community who are dedicated to representing the Northwest campus and Mabel Cook Admissions and Visitors Center. The Northwest Ambassadors are a select group of students who provide campus tours and assist with Green and White Days. With a love and enthusiasm for Northwest, the Northwest Ambassadors are here to serve you during your campus visit.
Student Missouri State Teachers Association (SMSTA)
President: Caitlin Rosenkrans
Advisor: Virgil Freeman
Mission: To serve all education majors as they work on their teaching assignments.
Purpose: To provide information on the benefits of an  organization.
United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)
President: Victoria Campbell
Advisor: TBD
Mission: To actively promote the advancement of the knowledge and skills of members and to facilitate communication among performing arts practitioners, entertainment industry professional, educators, and students.
Purpose: To introduce students to the national professional organization.