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Northwest Bearcats

2005 Northwest Invitational - Apr. 16-17






Sat. Augustana vs. Truman Bearcat 2-1 AC
Sat. South Dakota vs. Mo.-Rolla Donaldson-West 3-2 UMR
Sat. Northwest vs. Minnesota St. Bearcat 8-3 MSU
Sat. South Dakota vs. Truman Donaldson-West 2-0 TSU
Sat. Northwest vs. Mo.-Rolla Bearcat 7-0 NWMSU
Sat. UN-Omaha vs. Emporia Donaldson-West 5-2 ESU
Sat. Mo. Western vs. Minnesota St. Bearcat 6-0 MSU
Sat. Central Mo. vs. Augustana Donaldson-West 2-1 AC
Sat. Minnesota St. vs. Emporia Bearcat 7-0 ESU
Sat. Mo. Western vs. UN-Omaha Donaldson-West 6-3 MWSC
Sat. Central Mo. vs. South Dakota Donaldson-West 4-2 CMSU
Sun. Emporia vs. Augustana Bearcat 1-0 ESU
Sun. UN-Omaha vs. Central Mo. Donaldson-East 2-0 UNO
Sun. Mo.-Rolla vs. Minnesota St. Donaldson-West 4-3 MSU
Sun. Mo. Western vs. South Dakota Bearcat 7-0 MWSU
Sun. Mo.-Rolla vs. Augustana Donaldson-East 2-1 AC
Sun. Truman vs. Minnesota St. Donaldson-West 6-1 TSU
Sun. Northwest vs. Sout Dakota Bearcat 1-0 NWMSU
Sun. UN-Omaha vs. Truman Donaldson-East 2-0 UNO
Sun. Mo. Western vs. Emporia Donaldson-West 5-4 MWSU
Sun. Northwest vs. Augustana Bearcat 7-4 AC
Sun. UN-Omaha vs. Mo.-Rolla Donaldson-East 6-2 (8) UNO
Sun. Emporia vs. Central Mo. Donaldson-West 6-4 (8) ESU
Sun. Northwest vs. Mo. Western Bearcat 5-0 MWSC
Sun. Truman vs. Central Mo. Donaldson-East 6-2 TSU