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Northwest Bearcats

Press Release

Oct. 9, 2009

Soccer, Festivals, and Vampires

Amanda Olah, Junior, D, Soccer

So I feel like I haven't done one of these in forever, yes I am still alive, barely. So we had a soccer game yesterday at the Bearcat Pitch against Washburn who we haven't beat since 2003. That year just changed because we beat them tonight 2-0 woohoo!!! It was a rough game because they are pretty good and were a lot better than I would have thought. It was sooooo cold. I wore two pairs of socks, underarmour and gloves. Now our record is 8-3-1 and 4-3-1 in conference which isn't too shabby but it should get better. We have another game at noon on Saturday an today it's supposed to snow here in Maryville, lame. Hopefully it won't be too cold. We play Emporia here again and I'm excited because it should be another win but you never know.

I'm finally allowed to play again after hurting my hamstring and basically sitting out all last week. I wasn't able to play against UNO but we get to play them here so I can't wait to show them a piece of sunny California.

Got B's on the two tests I took awhile ago, had an accounting test today, hopefully I did well. I also have to study for Business Law now, which is really going to suck. I also have a recruit coming today and my house is not clean so maybe I'll be able to do something about that before she arrives, we'll see.

So if anyone was interested in going to the KC Renaissance Festival I highly suggest you go. I went last week and it was awesome and a lot bigger than I had imagined. The turkey leg was the best thing ever and so was the chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. It also helped that I was surrounded by people from another planet dressed as pirates and fairies. It was great. I am already planning on going again next year.

I also just finished the book Twilight and started New Moon. I have seen the movie already and decided once I got it for my birthday to finally read it since all my friends were hounding me to do so. I must admit, it was a lot better than what I had originally thought and I also must add that I am obsessed. If anyone was thinking about reading it, (even you guys) I would do so. It was hard to get into it at first because vampires aren't really my thing, I am more of a dragons and sorcerers kind of girl. But I was pleasantly surprised and can't wait for the New Moon movie to come out in November.

I have to study now but I'll try and keep up my blogs a little more and keep you guys informed. Have a great weekend!

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