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Northwest Bearcats

Press Release

Aug. 27, 2009

From California to Maryville

Amanda Olah, Junior, D, Soccer

Being from San Diego, Calif., the heat during preseason in Maryville was ridiculous. It is a totally different world out here even though we all live in the same country. Why did I come out here? Who knows? I play soccer here at Northwest and I am in my third year in the 'Ville as a merchandising major with a minor in business. Yes, I am actually from California. Yes, the state. No, I have never met a movie star or surfed.

I am obviously not the typical Californian since I came here and I am the whitest girl on the team. It is way different out here as far as culture, but I liked the change and it was something I was looking forward to when I first decided to come to the Midwest. I like the change, it's good to experience new cultures and ways of life every once in awhile to see what makes your culture or way of life better or worse. That's just how I think about it. Definitely won't live out here after college though, not my thing.

Preseason this year seemed long, yet short. There was a lot of soccer no matter what.

Two-a-days were crazy the first week. My butt was kicked every day, especially since I should have done a lot more during my stay at home for the summer. We started out the season with a running test, then sprints right after and then soccer. Seriously, for the first week my agenda was: wake up, breakfast, soccer, lunch, soccer, dinner, sleep. That's it, with some team bonding in between. I'm not complaining I am totally living the dream out here; it has been great, stressful and demanding, but great.

That is until I got hurt the second week with a weird back-of-the-knee pain on my right leg which spread to my hamstring. Then it was the left quad (that's always a fun one to deal with) and now it is my lower back which is painful.

I'll live, I think. I better be ready to go by Saturday, our first game here at the Bearcat Pitch at 1 p.m. and another game Sunday at 3 p.m.. It is a tough sport even though we aren't supposed to crash into each other and tackle people like other sports, but it is nonstop sprinting for 90 minutes with a 10 minute break in between. I think in a game of soccer a player sprints the equivalent of five miles. Harsh I know, but it's great and exciting and nothing beats stopping the other team from scoring or having your team win.

I play defender, though originally I came here my freshman year as a forward - how does that happen? I had never played defender before and now I am officially a defender. I do miss the glory days of scoring goals and it may happen again someday, just probably not anytime soon.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and I'll look for you Saturday on the pitch,

#7 Amanda

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