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Northwest Bearcats

Press Release

Oct. 11, 2008

Blog: No. 5 Northwest Missouri State at No. 17 Central Missouri

(4:12) - That's it! A Northwest defensive stand seals it. Great play by Vondrak in sniffing out the screen (deflected it for an incompletion). The defensive line's pressure forced EC to get rid of it early.

The streak lives for another week! 24 consecutive wins in conference play.

(4:05) - Good stand by the Central D and they'll get one more chance. Northwest stayed with the run game and forced the Mules to use their final timeouts. Northwest to punt with 1:40 remaining.

(4:01) - What confidence in the offensive line. 3rd-and-4 and the tight ends come in and they run right at the heart of the Central D. Big first down. 2:54 remaining.

(3:59) - Paddock with a big stop on fourth down. Didn't get the sack, but he blew up the play. Northwest takes over on the Northwest 34. Paddock and Lorenson with a team-high seven tackles each. They've combined for all five Northwest sacks. 4:35 remaining.

(3:54) - That was awful. A terrible call by the home side referee. Council with a big run and is stood up. His momentum was clearly stopped, and the ball is finally taken away (he was draped with guys around him and couldn't go down). The referee never blows the whistle and awards the ball to Central. First down on Central 46.

(3:51) - Central with a solid drive down to the 10, but a Lorenson sack (his third of the game, career-high) forced the Mules to kick a 33-yard field goal. Northwest 20, Central 13.

15 plays, 52 yards, TOP 7:29. The defensive line and linebackers have done their damage. A few missed tackles cost the Bearcats on that drive.

(3:42) - It's been great sitting next to the Northwest coaches' box. They're calling most of the plays that Central is running. They recognize the formations and know the play. It's interesting to see their communication go to the coaches on the sidelines, then screamed out to the players, who get in the correct position before the ball is snapped. Very impressive.

(3:32) - Fourth quarter starts with the Bearcats driving down to the UCM35 and a fresh set of downs. A nice screen pass from Osborn to Council and another tight end crossing route have the Bearcats in business.

First play of the fourth... touchdown Bearcats. Osborn to Rhodes (3rd of the year). Great timing route. Osborn hit Rhodes as he broke towards the left sidelines at the 10. Stiff arm to the corner and a waltz into the end zone. 20-10 Northwest.

(3:29) - Defensive line won that battle against the UCM offense (of course that 15-yard penalty for spiking the ball helped). Two sacks on the day for both Paddock and Lorenson. Willie Horn has also made it his mission to shut down Milner and to this point, he's done the job. 9 carries, 33 yards for Milner (no catches)

(3:22) - Second Frevert field goal gives Northwest back the lead, 13-10. Osborn beat the one-on-one coverage to get them down there, but no run game to speak of. The Northwest backs are running into the their own linemen more so than taking hits on run plays. Clint Moore got a carry as a result, but gained just a yard.

Still a good answer by Northwest. Time to see how the defense responds...

(3:16) - Key third-down pickup silences the crowd for a moment. Osborn was forced from the pocket and found Robinson for his first catch of the afternoon. Then finds Applegate on a crossing pattern over the middle for a first down into Central territory.

(3:13) - Bearcats get burned on 3rd-and-25. EC found Tim Richmond down the left side lines on a fly pattern. No safety help and Richmond sets up the Mules for a 1-yard touchdown by EC. 10-10

(3:05) - Noticeable right away is the pace of the Bearcats. Northwest wants to go faster, something I heard the coaches up here scream in the first half. Quicker out of the huddle, hike and go. Dropped pass unfortunately slows down the pace, which leads to a punt.

(3:01) - Northwest to get the ball first. Let's get it on!

(2:58) - Not a lot of high scoring games around the MIAA. Washburn continues to surprise me. No touchdowns and just a 6-0 lead against Emporia at home. Western, Fort Hays and Truman still no points yet today.

(2:54) - Offensively, I wouldn't mind seeing Bolles work into the mix a little more. Central has done a good job of containing Council (aside from his 99-yard run), and has forced Osborn to move his feet. Bolles might relieve some of the pressure if he can scramble his way for a few first downs. Kendall Wright with just one catch for 2 yards in the first half and three yards on two punt returns. He isn't finding the openings in the secondary that Pitt afforded him for 60 minutes last weekend.

(2:50) - Speaking of Milner, he had just 24 yards in the first half and no catches. Northwest has stuffed the screens at this point. EC, 7-of-19, 97 yards. Not great numbers, but a 14 yards per catch average. Like Peyton Manning (sorry, I'm a Colts fan), if he gets time, he'll find his receivers down the field. I wouldn't count on more mistakes from him in the second half. He had one pick in his first six games heading into this one.

(2:45) - The defensive players who stood out to me were Sean Paddock on the line and Myles Burnsides at the safety. Paddock has a sack and 2.5 tackles-for-loss. When Northwest has been successful, Paddock has led the surge up front. Burnsides has made a pair of shoestring tackles, one which could've gone a long ways. He also spoiled a 99-yard touchdown pass by recovering from the opposite side of the field.

One other player I paid close attention to was defensive end Tyler Northway. He's beaten the left tackle numerous times and only quick releases have prevented Northway from making a big play. You can tell the UCM coaches are seeing the same thing and Milner has had to stay home to provide an extra blocker on a few plays.

(2:39) - The two teams exchange punts in the final minutes, which brings us to halftime. Up-and-down first half by both teams. Central's two turnovers were costly. Council's 99-yard run was the difference. Outside of that play, the Bearcats managed just 111 yards the rest of the half. Only 64 yards through air against the league's worst pass defense.

(2:30) - False start on 1st-and-goal from the half yard line costs Northwest four points. Three plays from the five were unsuccessful and the Bearcats settle for a Tommy Frevert field goal, his first of the season. 10-3 Northwest with 2:07 left in the first half.

(2:26) - What a catch Greg Applegate! One-handed grab down the right sidelines on third and long. Osborn hasn't had a lot of time to throw, but that was a pretty 26-yard connection between high school teammates.

Let's see if that can spark this team.

(2:22) - Central Missouri is giving up 300 yards passing per game this year (last in the MIAA), but that's not the unit I'm seeing from here. Our quarterbacks have had a tough time finding receivers and often, the number one option isn't open. Northwest 33 yards passing through one and a half quarters.

(2:20) - 58-yard punt from the back of the end zone, very impressive. Northwest takes over near midfield, 8:15 left in the first half.

(2:17) - Punt by Stadler downed at the one and if it wasn't for Burnsides staying home on the backside, there would've been a 99-yard touchdown pass by UCM. Instead EC had to tuck it back down and throw it away.

(2:12) - Bolles in at quarterback for the fourth series. A Council run and a Bolles draw equals first down Bearcats near midfield.

(2:08) - 35-yard field goal is good. Northwest 7, UCM 3

(2:05) - There's the blitz! Vondrak came up the middle and forced EC right into Josh Lorenson for a 10-yard loss. 3rd-and-goal from the 18. Timeout UCM.

Scoreboard watch: Why is Toledo leading Michigan in the fourth quarter?

(2:03) - End of the first quarter with UCM on the NW39. The pressure on EC hasn't been there these last two drives and Central is taking advantage. EC to Cosby gives the Mules first and goal.

(1:59) - Pick by Chris LeFlore! Third pick of EC all season and fifth of LeFlore's career. Central moved the ball into Northwest territory and needed just a few plays to get there before the pick. Northwest three-and-out gives it back.

(1:54) - 99-yard TD run by Council! The longest play in MIAA history. Tops Omon's 98-yard run against Grand Valley. He broke a tackle at about the 3 and was sprung down the left sideline. He was caught just past the 50, but spun the defender around, stiff armed him away and continued down the sidelines. He was caught again and was tackled falling into the end zone. 7-0

(1:51) - Couple observations on this drive. Milner is hitting the holes hard. They're not big holes, but his frame is allowing him to plow forward on run plays. Two, EC is a pocket passer and with time, will hit his targets. The Bearcat secondary to this point has held their own and EC has had to throw it away a couple times. He's also taken a few early hits.

(EC pooch kicks down to the 1, Northwest ball).

(1:43) - Big play by the "D" and it took three outstanding plays. Urum-Eke provided the hit on EC, Wilmes tipped the pass in the air and Foster-Rettig was there for the pick and return to the 12-yard line. First pick by EC since game one. As I speak, Ozzy gives it right back. It was similar to the two picks he had against PSU, plenty of time, just a bad pass right to a red jersey.

(1:41) - I can hear our coaches pretty clearly through the pain of glass. They called that first screen by Central, but it still went for 7 yards. Milner went the opposite way as a decoy on that one.

(1:38) - One first down and punt for the Bearcats. Good push up front on the two run plays, but the DE stayed at home on the third down play fake and forced Osborn to throw it away.

(1:33) - No Tyler Roach to start the game, but he is on the sideline. Josh Lorenson got the start in his place. Great series for the D, a Sean Paddock sack forces the Mules 3-and-out.

(1:28) - Central won the toss and wants the ball. Let's play football!

(1:27) - Both teams have entered the field. A quick look at the MIAA scoreboard shows all afternoon games for the first time all season I believe. Omaha and Western is probably the most intriguing matchup outside of our game. I'll keep an eye on Washburn as well since our next road trip will be to Topeka.

(1:22) - I'm being told by the Central students about the "Friendship Tower" that sits in the background behind the south end zone. Apparently it's the new logo for the school. Not many people here know why the "Friendship Tower" is now on everything and even fewer know where it came from or what it is.

(1:15) - I must say this is one of the more unique stadium setups in terms of seating. There's a large grandstand on the home side. The bottom 10-15 rows then wrap around the north end zone and over to the visitors side. Those rows end at about the 35-yard line. On the 50 and on the other 35-yard line are two more sets of bleachers that sit behind the visitors bench.

(1:12) - The Mule is on the field! I was warned of this Mule before the game. There's a cowgirl on board waiving a black UCM flag. I like the white "Go Mules" and "UCM Rules" paint on the Mules' hindquarter. The UCM band is about to take the field...

(1:07) - I don't recall the Mules' running back, Glenn Milner, being much of a receiving threat a year ago although it's quite obvious he's a big part of the passing game this year. It'll be interesting to see how he's used in the Central offense.

(1:04) - The MIAA is loaded with talent at the quarterback position and I'm looking forward to seeing the league's passing leader Eric Czerniewski operate today (I'll refer to him as "EC" so I don't have to try to spell his name).

He's a player I remember well from last year in his poise against the Bearcats. He trailed 28-13 heading into the fourth quarter and made some plays to give the Mules a chance to win. He's been on the money with his passes in warmups and I expect a good challenge for the Bearcat "D" today.

(12:59) - Most fans might view this as a "trap game" after the Bearcats' performance against UNO and Pitt the last two weeks. Don't be fooled. Tjeerdsma drilled into his players what Central accomplished back in 2005. Pitt beat Northwest 56-35 in the 2005 Fall Classic, then lost 83-21 the following week in Warrensburg.

(12:55) - Greg Applegate is in uniform, which is a good sign for the Bearcats. Applegate was a game-time decision today so we'll see how many snaps he gets. As far as other injury concerns, they're aren't many. Tyler Northway was nursing a hip injury, but will be good to go.

(12:51) - Just spoke with Woody the announcer. Had some troubles with Ike as they all do, but he should be good to go. Most of the Northwest crew has arrived. Rick Dunaway from the St. Joseph News-Press is to my right. We usually pick him up in St. Joe on game days, but he took advantage of the weather and did some camping last night.

David Boyce from the Kansas City Star is here for the MIAA's showcase game this week. Not sure who he picked to win this one, but pretty certain most of you do...(yes he's still taking heat for picking us to finish fifth, though to be fair he did pick us to beat Western and Omaha. He felt inclined to pick Pitt last week, probably because they were his preseason pick to win it).

(12:41) - Northwest has won the last four meetings of this series which dates back to 1921. Coach Tjeerdsma is 11-3 against the Mules and 5-1 at Walton Stadium.

(12:37) - Both team's special team's units are on the field. The Mules are in their home red jerseys with black helmets, white pants and a black stripe that runs down the side of the uniform. It's similar to the green stripe Northwest wears on the side of its white-on-white uniforms. Northwest wears green helmets.

Quick uniform fact: Northwest has outscored its opponents 91-0 in its white jerseys this season.

(12:35) - Lively press box an hour before the game. We have the Texas-Oklahoma game on in the background with a pretty even distribution of fans pulling for each. Rob McCutcheon, the SID at Central and also a '04 graduate of Missouri Southern, just happens to be an Oklahoma fan. Rob looks dapper today in a shirt and tie and has his press box in tip-top shape. Pizza and subs are the spread today.

Rob has me in the front row right next to our coaches box. Our radio station is in the booth to our right. Watching coaches reactions is priceless when you're able to see them during the game and Rob told me Washburn's coaches didn't disappoint in their outbursts when they were here a few weeks ago.

(12:20) - Hello sports fans and welcome to Northwest football game day from Warrensburg, Mo. I'm Bryan Boettcher, the Sports Information Director at Northwest and I'll be sharing with you my view from the press box of today's top-25 matchup between the fifth-ranked Bearcats and 17th-ranked Mules.

It's a beautiful day in the heart of Misssouri. The sun is high and so are the few clouds scattered along the sky. Temperatures are expected to reach 80 with no rain in sight.

We left circle drive at 9 a.m. this morning and arrived in less than three hours. I'm halfway through a subway sandwich and there's 75 minutes showing on the scoreboard. Almost time for Bearcat football.

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