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Northwest Bearcats

Press Release

Oct. 12, 2009

Long Overdue

Clay Martin, Junior

I first want to apologize for not writing for a while. I have been a pretty busy guy lately. For this blog I am going to go over a few key workouts that we've done lately. The weekend before the Emporia State Invitational we did the hardest workout of my life. It sounded pretty easy, but it turned out to be very challenging.

It started off with a fast mile on the track. Which we hit in around 4:39-40. We ran it very smooth and relaxed. It was the easiest a 4:40 mile could feel. Next we had five minutes to recover before we did a seven mile tempo run. It was supposed to be six minute miles, but we ended up hitting splits of 5:37, 5:46, 5:49, and 5:50, 6:02 (uphill mile), 5:52, and 5:45. I was hanging on for dear life the last three miles of the tempo.

Trevor Johannsen was clicking off 5:50's with ease and I was somehow hanging on! We finished the tempo on the track, walked a hundred meters, and then jumped into some 300's. The first 300 felt like my legs were stuck in cement. Trevor and I ran a blazing 54 second 300. Actually it's really slow, but it felt so hard. I was spent and I had four more 300's to do. Luckily our legs loosened up and we ran our last four 300's in 51, 50, 47, and finished up in 45. Matt Pohren like always "walked away" from us the last 300, he ran like a 43 or something ridiculous. After I finished the workout, my body looked like a rag doll walking around the track. Everyone else felt the same way. It was our most challenging workout of the season.

This workout was followed the next week by the Emporia State Invitational. We have been training our butts off the before this race, so we knew going into the meet that it was going to be a hit or miss. Luckily for our team it was a hit, and we all ran pretty well.

TR Pursell led the way with a 25:48, followed by Trevor Johannsen in 26:13, Zach Layton in 26:23, and myself in 26:33. The story of the meet was our 5, 6, 7, and 8 runners. All of them ran personal bests for the 8k. Jared Walker and Jake Henry both ran around 26:43, Carl Larsson ran 26:45, and Sean Feehan dropped a minute off his time from Woody Greeeno to run 26:58. Spender Anders, Ben Chappell and Daniel Pescador all ran much faster as well.

I am writing this blog from the Econo Lodge in Terre Haute, Indiana. We are racing tomorrow at 12:45 p.m. at the Gibson Family Invitational at the Wabash sports complex. This is also the site of the Division I cross country nationals. Cross country runners around the country agree that this is the current capital of collegiate distance running.

To prepare for this weekend's race we had two very good workouts again. We started off with a 3x mile and 2x 600 on Monday at Sunrise Park. It was very windy, but we were still able to have a solid workout. Our team ranged from a 4:58 avg. per mile to 5:15 per mile. We followed the miles with two 600's, which was very mentally tough. This simulated the feeling of the end of race. Again, we all handled the workout well. On Wednesday we did 6x800 on the track. The team ended up averaging 2:20 per 800 with the last three 800's for the lead group in the 2:15-18 range. Personally I felt very strong and relaxed during the whole workout.

The rest of the team and I are very excited for the meet in Indiana tomorrow. We are definitely ready to take care of business. Let's do work NW XC!!!

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