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Northwest Bearcats

Northwest Athletics Cultural Core Values

We Focus on Our Students and Our Stakeholders

  • We expect that our students will have a good experience while participating, that they will have a feeling that they were coached; that the students that participate will be successful academically and will graduate; and that our teams will be successful in their competition.
  • We expect that our stakeholders will have an enjoyable game day experience while viewing the competition; that our stakeholders will be provided information to allow them to follow the Bearcats' progress during any season and they will be proud to be associated with our programs.

We Care About Each Other

  • We expect our coaches to be respectful and supportive of other colleagues within the department and that our first emphasis is the physical and academic welfare of our students. We view fellow coaches as colleagues, not competitors.

We Are a Learning Organization, Continually Improving Our University and Ourselves

  • As educators we are continually striving to improve the performance of those who we coach, but also the collective performance of our teams. In addition, each professional is committed to personal and professional growth through study, mentoring or experiential learning.

We Collaborate and Work Together to Accomplish Our Goals

  • The goals in athletics are consistent with the academic goals of the University. We want to produce college graduates. Additionally, as individual professionals and as a department we will work cooperatively to assist in reaching those goals.

We Master the Details of What We Do

  • We prepare for classes, practices, meetings and competition. We abide by rules, regulations, policies and procedures, not as an obstacle to progress but as an element of expectation in seeking success.

We Are Open and Ethical

  • Ethical behavior is not promoted, it is expected. It is expected that all abide by the spirit and intent of the MIAA and NCAA rules and that we follow and enforce the policies of the University and the department. Honesty and integrity are standard operating procedures. We are committed to compliance. Should a breach of the rules occur, with or without intention, full disclosure is the expectation.

We Are Leaders in Our Field

  • Athletics staff members are expected to be participants on campus committees and projects when appropriate and they are active professionally attending conferences and holding leadership positions in professional organizations. Presentations at clinics and camps are encouraged.