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Northwest Bearcats

Nov. 13, 2008

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
November 13, 2008

Board Members Present: Jerry Lutz, John Van Cleave, Jeff Otte, Dan Edmonds, Teri Harr, Linda Girard, John Yates, Ray Courter, Bob Rice, Jon Baldwin, Steve Sutton, Jim Goecken; ex-officio: Mark Clements, Bob Boerigter; guests: Darin Loe, Ryan Anderson, Joe Quinlin

President Lutz called the meeting to order.

Rice motioned and Harr seconded to accept the minutes from the August 14, 2008 meeting, motion carried; Baldwin motioned and Harr seconded to accept the treasurer's report which was reported by Clements as: $39,557.59 available in General and $59,344.06 in Transportation; motion carried. It was also reported there were 341 current members and the membership drive for this year was $52,554 to date.

Old Business - The 12-passenger Ford Econoline van should arrive before March in time for the spring sports to utilize it. Total cost with options is $20,415.

New Business -
A. Baseball request - Coach Loe requested a pitching machine, one that was capable of "throwing" breaking balls. Total cost of the machine, along with ball feeder, was estimated to be $838.
B. Weight Room request - Joe Quinlan presented a list of a variety of items he felt were necessary at this time for the weight room. Total cost of these items was $3,569.50. In addition he stated the future needs of the weight room include Olympic training and power bars, which would cost an additional $2,400.
C. Softball request - Coach Anderson requested a batting cage net. He listed several possibilities, but recommended a #42 poly softball net from Tomark Sports, total cost of $639.

Athletic Director's Report -
Boerigter reported the following:
A. Information was given concerning the upcoming football playoffs. Northwest swept all the major MIAA conference awards.
B. Soccer had a successful 10-8-2 season, setting a school record for number of wins.
C. The national letter of intent period has started for a number of sports.
D. Basketball starts soon, with the Reeves-Winstead Classic on November 21 -22.
E. The conference sent a visitation team to Lincoln University, completing an additional step toward membership in the MIAA. A visit to Rockhurst will be forthcoming.
F. The women' locker room is now complete.

Other Business - None

Action Items -
A. Baseball proposal: After some discussion whether a more expensive machine would better accommodate the baseball program, Goecken motioned and Sutton seconded to approve up to $900.00 for the request for the pitching machine and feeder. Motion carried unanimously.
B. Weight Room proposal: Yates motioned and Rice seconded to approve up to $6,100.00 for the items included in Quinlan's proposal, including the Olympic training and power bars. Motion carried unanimously.
C. Softball proposal: Girard motioned and Rice seconded to approve $639.00 to purchase the batting cage net. Motion carried unanimously.

Yates motioned and Van Cleave seconded to adjourn, motion carried. Next meeting is December 11, 2008.