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Northwest Bearcats

November 12, 2009

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
Thursday, November 12, 2009

Booster Board Members Present: John VanCleave, Allison Strong, Jerry Lutz, Robert Rice, John Yates, Jon Baldwin, Rod Barr, Jim Goecken, Linda Girard, Pat Haynes, Teri Harr; Ex-Officio Present: Mark Clements; Guests Present: Darin Loe, Bryan Boettcher

President Baldwin called meeting to order.

Yates motioned and Rice seconded to approve the minutes of September 10, 2009, motion carried; Treasurer's report - Clements reported $39,023.35 in General Fund and $50,929.06 in Transportation - Rice motioned and Lutz seconded to accept the Treasurer's Report, motion carried

Old Business - none

New Business -
A. Weight Room Request - Clements presented on behalf of Quinlin - purchase of Hammer Strength machine for a total of $693 (purchased from Looks)
B. Women's Basketball Request - Clements presented on behalf of Steinmeyer - request for video upgrade to reduce amount of time to breakdown film - cost $600
C. Sports Information Request - Boettcher thanked Boosters for provide server; asking for purchase of Lens for Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm - current lens is good for outdoors, but not indoors; asking for $1,000 to buy a discontinued or refurbished lens
D. Baseball - Loe requested $250 to purchase a digital handheld video camera

Other Business -
A. Baseball Facility Project - moving forward with project; requesting assistance with phone calls to former players and friends of baseball/athletics; talk of leaving home plate where it is and taking part of parking lot or more home plate to right field (SW corner) which is common for most baseball fields - field turf will be put at least on the infield
B. Membership levels/benefits restructuring - Clements asked Board to consider raising minimum membership for a set number of tickets; would like Board input as to what would be stumbling blocks as to levels tied to # of tickets; discussion followed on selling parking and tailgating spots

AD Report - Volleyball closes season on November 14; Dr. Bob and Stephanie Martin are working on recruiting a new coach (have 5 to 7 solid candidates); Soccer ended season last Saturday - set record for most wins 11-8-1; Cross Country finished in regionals - women (5th place); Men's Basketball will play at Mizzou; Women's start season on November 15 against Upper Iowa; November 16, men play Manhattan Christian; November 19, Benedictine; Reeves-Winstead tournament is Friday/Saturday; football playoffs will begin for Northwest at noon on Saturday, November 21

Actions Items -
A. Weight Room request - Yates motioned and Rice seconded to provide $693 for weight equipment, motion carried
B. Women's Basketball request - Rice motioned and Strong seconded to provide $600 for video upgrade, motions carried
C. Sports Information request - Lutz motioned and Harr seconded to provide $2,000 to purchase a new lens, motion carried
D. Baseball request - Barr motioned and VanCleave seconded to provide $250 to purchase digital handheld video camera, motion carried

Rice motioned and Strong seconded to adjourn; motion carried. Next meeting will be December 10, 2009.