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Northwest Bearcats

November 11, 2010

 Bearcat Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Booster Board Members Present: Jon Baldwin, Linda Girard, Teri Harr, Rod Barr, Bob Rice, John Yates, Jerry Lutz, Michelle Drake, Dan Edmonds,  Allison Hoffman, Jim Goecken; Ex-Officio Present: Mark Clements; Guests Present: Jason Sack, Will Wagner

President Rice called meeting to order.

Yates motioned and Barr seconded to approve the minutes of September 9, 2010, motion carried; Treasurer's report - Club treasury is at $74,928.69 and we have outstanding commitments at $2,000, leaving $72,928.69 in general fund and $51,178.60 in Transportation; Baldwin motioned and Barr seconded to accept the Treasurer's Report, motion carried.

Old Business - None

New Business -

  • A. Cheerleading - Jason Sack made a request to purchase a Canon camera for the cheerleaders and steppers to use. Request is for $1448.90 and shipping.
  • B. Football - Will Wagner made a request to purchase 3 headsets to replace the ones that were broken at the Central game. Request is for $1119.42.

AD Report - Mark Clements reported that the regular football season is over on Saturday and playoffs are right around the corner; Volleyball is doing well this year-should receive a spot in Regionals and this has never happened before; Cross Country had a great finish last week with both men's & women's team were 3rd place finishers-next Saturday is Regional meet at Warrensburg; Basketball is starting with men playing on Sunday and women playing on Monday; AD Search is in full swing-first candidate has been on campus, second will be here Friday, & third will be here on the 23rd; Playoff ticket information has gone out in the mail-selections will occur on Sunday at 2:00 for ESPN news; Volleyball selections will occur on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on; Looking at floors in Martindale Hall & Bearcat Arena-bids are coming in to replace both floors in spring

Other Business - none

Actions Items -

  • A. Cheerleading Request - Discussion of what type of camera and lens is needed; Lutz motioned and Harr seconded to provide up to $1550 for cheerleading to get the camera they need with the help of Rod Barr, motion carried with one abstention.
  • B. Football Request - Lutz motioned and Girard seconded to provide up to $1100 for headsets if insurance does not covered damaged headsets, motion carried.

Lutz motioned and Girard seconded to adjourn; motion carried.  Next meeting will be December 9, 2010.