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Northwest Bearcats

Sept. 13, 2007 Minutes

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
September 13, 2007

Board Members Present: Jeff Otte, Jon Baldwin, Linda Girard, Jerry Lutz, Teri Harr, Allison Strong, Dan Edmonds, Steve Sutton, Pat Haynes, Kelly Morris (SAAC Rep), John Yates; ex-officio: Bob Boerigter, Mark Clements; guest: Richard Alsup (Track), Bryan Boettcher (SID), Dave Colt (Athletic Trainer)

President Girard called the meeting to order.

Harr motioned and Stong seconded to accept the minutes from the July 12, 2007 meeting, motion carried; Baldwin motioned and Lutz seconded to accept the treasurer's report which was reported by Clements as: $43,146.07 (balance on hand of $11,711.07, outstanding commitments of $15,220, and pending deposit of $46,655.00) in General and $36,344.06 (balance on hand of $26,344.07 and pending deposit of $10,000) in Transportation; motion carried.

New Business -
A. Athletic Training Room - Dave Colt presented a request for the purchase of a new Plyoback Plyometric Rebounder; it is used daily in many rehabilitation programs for the athletes; the one they have been using is 15 to 20 years old and is broke; the request is for $740 to purchase from Medco Sports the Plyo-Package Pro
B. Men's Track - Richard Alsup presented a request for the purchase of a Pole Vault Trainer which would include Free-Stand and 3 bungees at a price of $1,999 plus $372 shipping; there is also an option to purchase the Free-Stand with a mat and bungees for $3,120

Athletic Director's Report - Boerigter reported that the Northwest Women's Golf Team had their first intercollegiate round today with six teams competing - Park University won, Northwest was second, followed by Avila, Graceland, Missouri Western, and William Jewell - Northwest team shirts were purchased by Larry Mariano (alumni of Northwest and new golf coach for William Jewell); the new Cross Country course is being used; Volleyball team has a string of home competitions in the next few days; Northwest is hosting ITA Tennis on September 21; fans can now view some games on , through a link from Northwest Athletics home page to the MIAA website which will show what games will be televised (and at what cost)

Other Business - there was some discussion about the sports posters; a question was asked about the use of the new football field and Boerigter that the stadium field is open until it is abused

Action Items -
A. Athletic Training Room - Baldwin motioned and Otte seconded to approve up to $1,000 for the purchase of the Plyoback Plyometric Rebounder and shipping, motioned carried
B. Men's Cross Country - Lutz motioned and Strong seconded to provide $3,120 for the purchase of a Pole Vault Trainer which includes the Free Stand with bungees and the mat; motion carried

Baldwin motioned and Edmonds seconded to adjourn. Motion carried. Next meeting is October 11, 2007.