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Northwest Bearcats

Aug. 13, 2009

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
Thursday, August 13, 2009

Booster Board Members Present: Pat Haynes, Rod Barr, Jerry Lutz, Linda Girard, Allison Strong, John VanCleave, Jon Baldwin, Michelle Drake, Robert Rice, Teri Harr, John Yates; Ex-Officio Present: Bob Boerigter, Mark Clements, Stephanie Martin; Guests Present: Ben McCollum, Gene Steinmeyer, Kelly Quinlin

President Baldwin called meeting to order.

Rice motioned and VanCleave seconded to approve the minutes of June 11, 2009, motion carried; Treasurer's report - Clements reported that membership was up 10 or 15 from last year, he will distribute a list of those former Booster members who did not renew there membership, motion carried; Clements reported $52,584.75 in General Fund and $38,929.06 in Transportation - Harr motioned and Girard seconded to accept the Treasurer's Report, motion carried

Old Business -
A. Barbecue will be held Sunday, August 30 from 5:30 to 7:00 in Bearcat Stadium; each member will be allowed 4 tickets

New Business -
A. Basketball - Steinmeyer and McCollum made a request for the purchase of software for film editing at a cost of $4,156.25 - will pay for itself in the long run; program specific and will be able to break down to specific plays which will speed up time spent reviewing; the first year maintenance will be free; then $700 per year and no charge for updates
B. Athletic Training - Quinlin requested dollars to purchase the Graston Technique Instrument set for tissue mobilization technique which both she and Jeff Smith are trained; $2738.00

Other Business - none

AD Report - Fall sports have all reported; there will be scrimmages for volleyball, soccer and football scrimmage on Saturday, August 15; June 25 microburst caused a lot of damage to athletic areas and damage is currently being repaired; the schedule cards had an error so will be re-done; fall sports posters were available to board members and will be distributed next week; new billboard ordered for Hwy 71 off of I-29; on the national scene the strategic plan is "life in the balance" - legislation for a number of reductions in sports - i.e. football will start 1 week later (which will push championship one week later), basketball will have a dead week and reduction by 1 game, reduction of 2 games for volleyball, reduction of 1 to 2 games for soccer, reduction of 5 games for baseball, softball can play 56 games instead of dates; the key issue will be what happens with conference in football if dates are pushed back - because dates are set and could affect homecomings; Northwest is in the process of implementing the Champs Life-Skills program to help athletes develop life-skills; discussion of future use of printed media guides; currently a fund drive for the Dave Colt Training Room; faculty athletic representative Bob Dewhirst is on a leave of absence for a trimester

Actions Items -
A. Basketball Request - Strong motioned and Lutz seconded to purchase the software for a total of $4,156.25, motion carried
B. Athletic Training Request - VanCleave motioned and Yates seconded to purchase the Graston Technique instrument set for a total of $2,738.00, motion carried

Girard motioned and Drake seconded to adjourn; motion carried. Next meeting will be September 10, 2009.