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Northwest Bearcats

July 13, 2006

Annual Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
July 13, 2006

Board Members Present: Dan Edmonds, Linda Girard, Jon Baldwin, Teri Harr, Jim Goecken, John Yates, Ted Goudge, and Pat Haynes; ex-officio: Mark Clements and Bob Boerigter; Guests: Will Wagner

President Harr called the meeting to order.

Baldwin motioned and Goecken seconded to accept the minutes from the June 8, 2006 meeting; motion carried; Edmonds motioned and Goudge seconded to accept the treasurer's report which reflected ($10,579.10) in General, after approved expenses, and $21,109.10 in Transportation with a pending deposit of $10,000; $100 in Deferred Account and $3,425 in Zech Fund; motion carried.

New Business -
A. Football request - Will Wagner made a request for assistance in purchasing a projector ($1,941 and a DVD duplication rack ($1,895/10 at a time) which will allow production of DVD's to allow more players to view; it is compatible with current system; hold for Action Items
B. Fall Barbecue - August 27 from 5:00 to 6:30; the first football game will be held the following weekend; plan is to have all teams get through the line from 5 to 5:15 and a small program with coaches speaking at 5:45; meet and greet opportunities; flyers will be sent to Boosters and potential Boosters to hold the date; more information will follow at next meeting; will need Board members to help; Clements will check into using the Amphitheater in the park

Athletic Director Report - Boerigter reported that Stephanie Suntken is the new assistant volleyball coach, Jerome Haden is the new assistant men's basketball coach, Jason Sack is the new cheerleading coach, Pat McLaughlin is the new women's part-time golf coach, and there is a search for a head softball coach; a Division II task force has been formed to look at football interests with a recommendation in January - potential for two football championships - Liberty Classification (18 equivalencies) and Freedom Classification (full 36 equivalencies); scholarship changes would need to pass by 2/3 of the vote; the two divisional classifications are opposed by some; Northwest has not finalized their decision yet - will need to work through based on scholarships; regionalization is the second issue going on - not consistent region to region and sport to sport; movement to make as uniform as possible; Heartland Conference and Lone Star Conference and MIAA will be affiliated if regionalized; Great Lakes Valley Conference has come into Missouri recruiting Rockhust, Drury, and William Jewell; North Central Conference has had erosion of membership; MIAA Conference entering into agreement with Penn Atlantic to be able to video stream games to homes (pay per view); could black out specific zip codes and payment would go to MIAA; recent AD Convention was held in New Orleans (1st convention to return to the city since Hurricane Katrina - the city is 60% open and 100% functional

Other Business - none

Action Items -
A. Yates motioned and Goecken seconded that we provide up to $4,000 to purchase a DVD duplication rack (10 DVD's at a time) for the Athletic Department and a projector ($1,941) for football program; motion carried

Baldwin motioned and Goudge seconded to adjourn. Motion carried. Next meeting is August 10.