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Northwest Bearcats

June 16, 2011


Bearcat Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 16, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

Annual Meeting - Navy Room

Booster Members Present: Board - Rod Barr, John Van Cleave, John Yates, Linda Girard, Michelle Drake, Pat Haynes, Dan Edmonds, Teri Harr, Jim Goecken, Jon Baldwin, Robert Rice; Booster Members Present - Larry Gray, Frank Donavan, Bob Cooper; ex-officio - Wren Baker, Mark Clements; Guest - Gene Steinmeyer, Women's Basketball Coach


President Rice called meeting to order.


Drake motioned and Harr seconded to approve the minutes of  May 12, 2011, motion carried; Treasurer's report -  Clements reported the balance in General Fund is $12,299.43 after deducting a commitment of $10,000 for Athletics; and $66,178.60 in Transportation - Baldwin motioned and Van Cleave seconded to accept the Treasurer's Report, motion carried


Old Business -

  • A. Clements reported that 09-10 Booster Club purchases totaled $87,000 plus; our membership consisted of 7 Championship; 2 All-American; 10 All Conference; 35 Bearcat; and 486 Pride for a total of 540 members
  • B. Golf - Range finders - Clements recommends to vote and move on $1,536.73 is requested


AD Report - Baker reported that the Bostwick service was outstanding and much appreciated; will report team GPA's at another meeting, but over all teams for fall and spring it was 3.0+; currently three positions open - Sports Information Director, Sports Marketing, and head Football Coach; Bearcat Arena floor is finished; and the Football Golf Tournament will be held tomorrow (June 17)


New Business -

A.  Nominating Committee - committee submitted the names of  Jon Baldwin, Dan Edmonds, Jim Goecken, Teri Harr, Robert Rice, and John Yates for reappointment to the Board and that officers should be - Michelle Drake, President; Robert Rice,Vice President; and Pat Haynes, Secretary;  Barr motioned and Girard seconded that the Board accept the nominees as presented; motion carried

B. Women's Basketball - Steinmeyer presented a request for the purchase of Game Plan software update for $600 and Uniforms ($90 x 15) for $1,350 for a total of $1,950          


Other Business - Fall Barbecue - scheduled for August 28 with location to be determined, will have another meeting before this event


Actions Items -

A.  Golf request - Van Cleave motioned and Barr seconded to provide $1,536.73 for purchase of range finders, motion carried, with one abstention

B.  Women's Basketball request - Edmonds motioned and Haynes seconded to provide $540 for the Game Plan software upgrade, motion carried; Drake motioned and Baldwin seconded to provide $1,350 for uniforms, motion carried


Harr motioned and Barr seconded to adjourn; motion carried.  Next meeting will be July 7, 2011.