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Northwest Bearcats

June 14, 2007 Minutes

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
June 14, 2007

Board Members Present: Pat Haynes, Linda Girard, Teri Harr, Jerry Lutz, Ray Courter, Steve Sutton, Jon Baldwing, Jim Goecken; ex-officio: Bob Boerigter, Mark Clements; Booster Members: E. D. Wiley, Bill Mozingo, Roger Corley, Jan Corley, Kermit Posten, Rod Shain

President Harr called the meeting to order.

Girard motioned and Baldwin seconded to accept the minutes from the April 12, 2007 meeting, motion carried; Sutton motioned and Lutz seconded to accept the treasurer's report which was reported by Clements as: $16,372.67 in General, after approved expenses, $26,344.06 in Transportation; and $3,425 in Zech Fund; motion carried.

Old Business -
A. Membership Drive - Clements reported that over 270 brochures were mailed June 13; several have contacted him to be added to the mailing list; brochures will be available at the Shawna Severson Zech Football Golf Tournament on June 15
B. Zech Fund - $3,425 - this will be transferred to the Shawna Zech Scholarship Fund through Northwest Foundation, Inc.

New Business -
A. Nominating Committee - Baldwin nominated the re-appointment of Girard, Gregg, and Lutz and the addition of Allison Strong (replacing Kerry Meyers) to the Board; Haynes motioned and Lutz seconded for nominations to cease and to put them in by acclamation; motion carried; the committee also nominated Girard for President, Lutz for Vice President and Haynes for Secretary; Sutton motioned and Courter seconded for nominations to cease and put officers in through acclamation; motion carried
B. Fall Barbecue - scheduled for Sunday, August 26 at the College Park Pavilion from 5:00 to 6:30; all fall sports will be invited to attend

Athletic Director Report - Boerigter handed out an annual report of the Athletic successes and highlights; the football field is in the process of being renovated and the light installation is on schedule and all is expected to be fully functional for the by the August 23 night game; Field Turf is the product being put on the field and Musco lights will be installed; Boerigter thanked the Booster Club for their support this past year

Other Business - none

Action Items - none

Courter motioned and Sutton seconded to adjourn. Motion carried. Next meeting is July 12, 2007.

June 26, 2007
Football requested a hole sponsorship from the Booster Club for the Shawna Zech Memorial Golf Tournament and failed to get the information to the Board in time; All three officers - Girard, Lutz, and Haynes approved the expenditure of $300 to be a championship sponsor at the June 15 golf tournament.