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Northwest Bearcats

June 11, 2009

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
Thursday, June 11, 2009

Booster Board Members Present: Dan Edmonds, Jon Baldwin, Pat Haynes, Robert Rice, John Yates, Jim Goecken, Ray Courter, Jerry Lutz; Booster Members Present: John McClaran, E. D. Wiley, Michelle Drake, Mike Graham; Ex-Officio Present: Mark Clements; Guests Present: John Coffey, Scott Lorek, Morris White

President Lutz called meeting to order.

Baldwin motioned and Rice seconded to approve the minutes of March 12, 2009 and the treasurer's report, motion carried; Clements reported $15,054.32 in General Fund and $38,929.06 in Transportation

Old Business -
A. 08-09 Membership - 342 members (65 premium, 3 All-American, 17 gold, 34 silver); 07-08 we had 305 members and 06-07 we had 265 members
B. 09-10 Membership Drive - brochures were mailed - 1st date to purchase member and tickets will be July 6; General Public tickets go on sale August 3 and single game tickets will be on sale August 31

New Business -
A. Athletic Marketing - Morris White presented an advertising package which will be the same as 08-09 for $4,000
B. Bearcat Radio Network - John Coffey - this is the 10th year of the Bearcat Network, thanked Booster Club for their support and presented an advertising package for $2000 (same as last year)
C. Weight Room - Joe Quinlin through Clements requested 8 sets of Hammer Strength dumb bells (15 to 150 pound) for a total of $2230
D. Football - Will Wagner through Clements requested assistance with the purchase of a laptop and video camera from Game Plan for $3816
E. Track - Scott Lorek - requested Home Meet Management camcorder to enhance the finish line for $249.99; 3 wind gauges for $897; and a hand-timing system (Stopwatch w/printer) for $288 - total of $1434.99
F. Nominating Committee - Yates presented a slate of candidates for Board members - Ray Courter, Pat Haynes, Jeff Otte, Rod Barr, Michelle Drake - elected Board members are Ray Courter, Pat Haynes, Rod Barr, and Michelle Drake; Yates nominated Jon Baldwin-President; Bob Rice-VP, Pat Haynes-Secretary - Rice moved and Goecken seconded that nominations cease; motion carried for new slate of officers

Other Business - Fall Barbecue will be August 30 in Bearcat Stadium; brochure announcing this will be sent out with 4 tickets

AD Report - 08-09 Season Summary was distributed; Joel Osborn is a Ken B. Jones Athlete of Year nominee; football starts Thursday, August 27 against Abilene-Christian and will be televised on CBS College Sports Network; basketball schedule is still being tweaked

Actions Items -
A. Athletic Marketing - Rice motioned and Edmonds seconded to provide $4,000 for marketing promotions; motion carried
B. Bearcat Radio Network - Rice motioned and Baldwin seconded to provide $2,000 for radio promotions; motion carried
C. Weight Room - Rice motioned and Yates seconded to provide $2,230 for weight sets (advanced exercise equipment from Hammer Strength); motion carried
D. Football - Rice motioned and Edmonds seconded to provide $3,816 for the purchase of laptop and video camera; motion carried
E. Track - Goecken motioned and Yates seconded to provide $984.99 for finish-line camcorder, wind gauges and timing system; motion carried

Baldwin motioned and Rice seconded to adjourn; motion carried. Next meeting will be July 9, 2009.