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Northwest Bearcats

June 10, 2010

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 10, 2010
Annual Meeting

Booster Members Present: Board – Pat Haynes, Allison Hoffmann, Teri Harr, Dan Edmonds, John VanCleave, John Yates, Rod Barr, Michelle Drake, Linda Girard, Jon Baldwin, Jerry Lutz; Booster Members Present – Ed Wiley, Mark Wiley, Gina Smith, Russ Schuster, Joanie and Dave O’Donnell, Terry McGinness, Dave & Kathy Howell; ex-officio – Mark Clements

President Baldwin called meeting to order.

Drake motioned and Barr seconded to approve the minutes of  May 13, 2010, motion carried; Treasurer’s report -  Clements reported the balance in General Fund is $25,876.34; and $51,178.60 in Transportation – Girard motioned and VanCleave seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report, motion carried

Old Business –Clements reported that 09-10 Booster Club purchases totaled $62,000.75; our membership consisted of 5 All-American; 14 Gold; 46 Silver; and 309 Bronze for a total of 374 members (up by 32 from prior year); raised approximately $4,000 more than last year; thank you notes were received from the Golf Team, John Coffey for Radio Network, and Joe Quinlin

New Business
A. Nominating Committee – committee submitted that Linda Girard, Allison Hoffmann, Jerry Lutz, and John VanCleave be reappointed to the Board and that officers should be – Bob Rice, President; Michelle Drake, Vice President; and Pat Haynes, Secretary;  Yates motioned and Edmonds seconded that the Board should accept the nominees as presented; motion carried
B.  Weight Room – Clements presented a request on behalf of Joe Quinlin for the purchase of several items for the weight room (jump ropes-$150; Small DB Racks-$300; Re-Surface(Lat.Pull, Hip Sled, Leg Curl, Leg Ext., V-Squat)-$300; Air-O-Dyne Bike-$750; 4 Physio Balls-$160; 3 Dyno Discs-$60; 6-45 lbs. Plates -$350; Vert-A-Max (new bands + 1 more belt)-$150; Rope Tricep Extenstion-$30; and jump Stretch bands (Green x 10)-$230 for a total of $2,480 which includes shipping
C. Athletics – Clement made a request for assistance in paying for improvements to Baseball Facility – Dugouts (materials for benches and helmet/back racks)-$1,950; Dugout Fences-$400; Sod (patches around infield)-$600; Storage shed for pitching machine-$600, and reel mower for infield-$250 for a total of $3,800

Other Business – Fall Barbecue – looking at August 29 with location to be determined

AD Report – Clements distributed Summary of 09-10 Athletic Sports Activities; effective August Lincoln University will be in MIAA conference in all sports except football; Football has 10 games scheduled for Fall ’10; 2011 Football schedule is filled with 10 conference games and 1 non-conference game; Women’s Basketball assistant coach, Lori Hopkins, is now the Athletic Compliance officer and her replacement is Megan Nelson from Sioux Fall University; track and high-rise tennis courts will receive summer maintenance July 1 through August 7

Actions Items
A. Weight Room request – Barr motioned and Lutz seconded to provide $2,480 for purchase of equipment, motion  carried
B. Baseball Athletic Facility – Hoffmann motioned and Lutz seconded to provide $3,800 for baseball facility improvements, much discussion on purchase of reel mower and if we were getting the best for the dollars invested; Barr amended the motion and VanCleave seconded to provide $4,000 for baseball facility improvements; motion carried as amended

Hoffmann motioned and Barr seconded to adjourn; motion carried.  Next meeting will be July 8, 2010.