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Northwest Bearcats

May 13, 2010

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
Thursday, May 13, 2010

Booster Board Members Present: Pat Haynes, Jon Baldwin, Teri Harr, Allison Hoffman, John VanCleave, ray Courter, Linda Girard, John Yates, Bob Rice, Jerry Lutz, Dan Edmonds, Jim Goecken, Michelle Drake; Ex-Officio Present: Mark Clements, Bob Boerigter; Guests Present: John Coffey

President Baldwin called meeting to order.

Harr motioned and Girard seconded to approve the minutes of April 8, 2010, motion carried; Treasurer's report - Clements reported an outstanding commitment of $2,557 for Track which leaves a balance in General Fund of $28,817.52; and $31,178.60 in Transportation - VanCleave motioned and Harr seconded to accept the Treasurer's Report, motion carried

Old Business -Clements reported that the two 2010 Ford Fusions are now on campus; changed membership promotion to include Barbecue for all levels of memberships

New Business -
A. Tennis Request - Clements requested on behalf of Coach Rosewell that we purchase 14 green, five foot green benches for tennis courts at a cost of $180 each - total with shipping will be close to $2,900
B. Bearcat Radio Network - Coffey requested support from Booster Club for $2,000 for KXCV and Bearcat Sports broadcast promotions - would get the same coverage as in the past, question was asked about supporting Volleyball and Baseball through broadcast - Coffey responded that there might be a problem with finding air time

AD Report - Boerigter distributed copies of the 2010 Annual Report which reflected Athletic successes; mentioned the death of a track student, Waylon Martensen; training room renovation project is underway; MIAA Inaugural Hall of Fame induction - of the 15 inaugural members being inducted, Northwest has 5 - Hank Iba, Jack McCracken, Ryland Milner, Jim Redd, and Herschel Neil), as well as long time MIAA Commissioner Ken B. Jones; Northwest M-Club Hall of Fame members to be inducted in Fall 2010 are Lyndsey Borgstadt, Don Neil, Seth Wand, Tucker Woolsey, Brad Ortmeier, Jim Wasem, and 1975 Women's Cross Country Team; Stephanie Martin has resigned and Lori Hopkins will be replacing her; Fall football season at 10 games with the Fall Classic being held November 13 and Men's Basketball opening November 14; Volleyball match between UNO will be played @ Red Oak, IA

Other Business - Nominating Committee - Rice, Barr, and Harr were appointed to the Nominating Committee; those whose terms expire are Girard, Hoffman, Lutz, and VanCleave; committee needs to find new Board members and officers

Actions Items -
A. Tennis Request - Rice motioned and VanCleave seconded to provide up to $2,900 to purchase fourteen, five foot green benches for tennis courts, motion carried
B. Radio Network - Rice motionsed and Hoffman seconded to provide $2,000 for Booster Club radio promotions, motion carried

Harr motioned and Hoffman seconded to adjourn; motion carried. Next meeting will be Annual Meeting to be held in the Lamkin Conference Room on June 10, 2010.