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Northwest Bearcats

May 12, 2011

Booster Board Members Present:  John Yates, Jon Baldwin, Robert Rice, Michelle Drake, Linda Girard, John Van Cleave, Allison Hoffmann, Rob Barr, Dan Edmonds, Ray Courter, Jim Goecken, Teri Harr; Ex-Officio Present:  Mark Clements & Wren Baker

President Rice called meeting to order.

Baldwin motioned and Hoffmann seconded to approve the minutes of  March 17, 2011 meeting, motion carried; Treasurer's report -  Clements reported balance of $34,417.81 with all outstanding commitments being submitted, and $66,178.60.60 in Transportation; Courter motioned and Baldwin seconded to accept the Treasurer's Report, motion carried

Old Business -

  • A. Brochure update - Overall no major changes were made to the brochure; Should be mailed 2nd week of June; Sales for booster club members start July 11, 2011 & go until August 5, 2011; Upgrade & trade-out of tickets occurs August 8 - 19, 2011; Arrowhead ticket prices are $37 for club level, $25 for field level, & $60 for the family pack; Season tickets for football are now $70 per person
  • B. Nominating committee update - Everyone whose term is up is interested in remaining on the Board; Those nominated are Robert Rice, Jon Baldwin, Dan Edmonds, Jim Goecken, Teri Harr, & John Yates; Nominations for officers are still in progress

New Business -

  • A. Weight Room - Joe Quinlin made a request to purchase half-rack band attachments for the weight room coming to a total of $2,457
  • B. Women's Golf - Pat McLaughlin (per Clements) made a request to purchase six additional range finders coming to a total of $1,536.73
  • C. Athletic Department - Mark Clements & Wren Baker made a request for assistance in purchasing floor covers to protect the new gym floor; Renovation to floor is paid for by university but still need money for floor covers to protect the floor; Request is for $10,000 to help purchase protective floor covers

AD Report -

Baker reported the end of seasons for softball (25-20), baseball (20-30), and tennis (19-5 & 13-13); Tennis won conference regular season & conference tournament; Coach Rosewell won Coach of the Year Award; Track is almost over with a meet at Fort Hays & championships at the end of May if they make it; September 10 is slated as Mel & Carol Tjeerdsma Day with events going on all weekend; All events are in the planning stage but some to be included are a banquet Friday night, Coach T bobble heads to sign, Bearcat Zone activities, recognition at game, etc.; June 9 is MIAA Hall of Fame; M Club Hall of Fame selections coming out next week; 2 positions are open in Athletics-Assistant Athletics Director for Media Relations & Communications (Bryan Boettcher's position) & Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing, Promotions, & Licensing (Morris White's position); Neil Elliott will be leaving and will open up another position for fundraising within athletics

Other Business -

  1. Fall BBQ: Set for August 28 with 5:00 p.m. start

Actions Items -

  1. Weight Room Request - Hoffmann motioned and Barr seconded to purchase half-rack band attachments for the price of $2,457, motion carried
  2. Women's Golf Request - Girard motioned to table, no second, Van Cleave motioned for more discussion; Decided among group that there are questions that need answered; Barr motioned to table until questions get answered at next meeting, Girard seconded, motion carried to table request until next meeting
  3. Athletic Department Request - Goecken motioned and Baldwin seconded to give $10,000 to the department for it to buy equipment that is needed for any or all sports; Department must provide a list of items that the money will help purchase, motion passed

Other Business -

Discussion to move the next meeting time due to conflict with Clements and Baker; Baldwin motioned and Girard seconded to move next meeting to Wednesday, June 8 in the Navy Room, motion passed

Baldwin motioned and Harr seconded to adjourn, motion carried. Next meeting will be June 8, 2011 in the Navy Room.