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Northwest Bearcats

Feb. 14, 2008 Minutes

Bearcat Booster Club Meeting
February 14, 2008

Board Members Present: Jerry Lutz, Jon Baldwin, Jim Goecken, Dan Edmonds, Teri Harr, Linda Girard, Allison Strong, John Yates; ex-officio: Mark Clements; guest: Kelly Quinlin, Tracy Hoza

President Girard called the meeting to order.

Harr motioned and Baldwin seconded to accept the minutes from the January 10, 2008 meeting, motion carried; Goecken motioned and Lutz seconded to accept the treasurer's report which was reported by Clements as: $36,402.59 available in General and $46,344.06 in Transportation; motion carried.

Old Business -
There was discussion to replace the board position vacated by Mark Gregg, who had decided to relinquish the position due to job commitments. Current board members will contact Rod Barr, Jack Purdy, Dean Schneider, and John Van Cleave to determine interest. If more than one is interested, it was suggested that the others could be considered for future vacant positions.

New Business -
A. Training Request - Quinlin made a request for a portable electrical stimulation/ultrasound unit. The suggested vendor is Lifetec and includes a 5 year warranty, making the total price $2,644.12.
B. Soccer Request - Hoza requested the purchase of four "Soccer Waves". She indicated this equipment is used to enhance kicking and rebounding skills of the players. Total cost is $1,000.
C. Bearcat Arena - Clements presented a proposal to purchase 48 padded folding chairs for the team sidelines, to be used for basketball and volleyball, plus any other special events. The chairs would be similar to the ones currently used, and identified with the Northwest logo and the words "Northwest" and "Bearcats". Three bids were presented.
D. General - Clements presented a proposal to purchase a flat screen HD Television to be mounted on the wall in the Lamkin conference room. The proposed addition would aid all coaches in viewing sessions, plus it would be used for other events as well. Three televisions were reviewed, and it was suggested the 47-inch at a price of $1,899.99 would be the better fit.

Athletic Director's Report -
Clements reported the 2008 fall football schedule has been released and is now on the web site. We will have the same opponents in 2009; the weekend of April 11 -13 will be promoted for a variety of home sporting events including baseball, softball, tennis, and spring football scrimmage; Northwest is planning a tree-planting ceremony on April 11 and a suggestion was made to consider a tree purchase from the Booster Club. There appeared to be no interest; the MIAA basketball tournament will be held March 6 - 9 in Kansas City; the first home competition for tennis, baseball, and softball will be in early March.

Other Business -
In order to entice added members, Yates suggested a raffle or drawing, with the winner receiving a limousine road trip to a football game and a basketball game. He volunteered to review this idea further and present potential costs. Strong suggested an idea that might enhance membership and provide incentive for better attendance at basketball games that would include a meal before the event, similar to what is done at Missouri Southern and Pittsburg State.

Action Items -
A. Training Ultrasound Unit: Strong motioned and Harr seconded to approve $2,644.12 for the purchase of the unit, motion carried.
B. Soccer Wave: Goecken motioned and Harr seconded to approve $1,000.00 total for the purchase of four units, motion carried.
C. Bearcat Arena: Baldwin motioned and Lutz seconded to approve up to $5,000.00 to purchase 48 padded chairs from Clarin and the caddie from Gone Logo, motion carried.
D. General: Yates motioned and Lutz seconded to approve $1,899.99 for the purchase of a 47-inch wide screen TV from Best Brands Plus for the conference room, motion carried.

Baldwin motioned and Yates seconded to adjourn, motion carried. Next meeting is March 13, 2008.