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Northwest Bearcats

Bearcat Zone and Tailgating


General Information | Rules and Regulations | Questions and Answers

General Information

Bearcat Zone Pep Rally

The Bearcat Zone is an open-attendance tailgate party taking place prior to each Northwest Missouri State University home football game. Each Bearcat Zone opens approximately two hours prior to kickoff in College Park and the adjoining parking lots. College Park is located along College Park Drive across the street from the west entrance to Bearcat Stadium. Admission is FREE.Bearcat Zone Tailgating

At the Bearcat Zone visitors will find food provided by Campus Dining (students can use their Aladine via their Bearcat card). Cost is between $5-$7. The University Bookstore offers a variety of Northwest apparel. Fans can also do their own tailgating while enjoying the fun atmosphere. In addition, children can have their picture taken in a Northwest football or cheerleading uniform. The Northwest Alumni Association and other organizations also have informational tables set up for hand outs and fundraisers.

Live entertainment is also provided at the Raymond J. Courter College Park Pavilion. Each pavilion concert lasts one hour, followed by a pep rally featuring the Bearcat Marching Band, Steppers and Cheerleaders. The "march to the stadium" concludes the festivities. In addition, The Bearcat Zone serves as the place for game-day sponsors to distribute items from their businesses.

The Athletic Marketing office is the main operator behind the Bearcat Zone, setting up each week and coordinating the entertainment and events taking place each game.

For information about the Bearcat Zone, contact the Athletic Marketing Office at 660-562-1581.

View the Northwest Football Tailgating Policy

Rules and Regulations

  • All product and food sales within the Bearcat Zone will be conducted in accordance with applicable University policies and/or contracts. Food products distributed within the Zone will include appropriate health and food product certificates.
  • Solicitation and fundraising activities within the Zone are normally limited to recognized campus groups and organizations.
  • Groups soliciting in the Bearcat Zone will obtain permission to do so by Wednesday prior to each Home game.
  • The promotion or advertising from other institutions of higher learning, professional or semi-professional sports teams and political campaigns is not permitted within the Bearcat Zone.
  • The distribution of non-University publications is permitted within the Bearcat Zone providing the publications are distributed in person, carry the names and addresses of the publisher, the editors and officers of the publication and they are intended primarily for the dissemination of news, opinions and information that are viewpoint neutral. Publications may not contain anything that is defamatory or obscene, likely to inflict injury or tends to incite immediate violence (fighting words) or directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action.
  • The Athletic Marketing department will administer all activities associated with the Bearcat Zone. Approval for products sold and distributed will be obtained from the Athletics Marketing office. Questions regarding permissible activities or product distribution should be directed to that office.
  • Verification of a "recognized campus group or organization" will be made with the Vice-President of Student Affairs office before final permission is granted.
  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the Bearcat Zone.
  • Tailgating Rules outside of Bearcat Zone click here.

Questions and Answers Examples

  • The Northwest Hip Hop Sorority wishes to sell pens as a fund raiser in the Bearcat Zone. Is this permitted?
    • Response: It appears this campus group's fund raising activity meets the guidelines of the policy. Permission would be granted.
  • The Food Store wishes to have a bake sale as a fund raiser in the Bearcat Zone. Is this permitted?
    • Response: Because Campus Dining (ARAMARK) is the exclusive food service provider, they will be consulted first before a response is given. ARAMARK has the right to direct us to decline the request. Appropriate health certificates will be required.
  • The Ladies Relief Society of the Baptist Church wishes to sell balloons as a fund raiser in the Bearcat Zone. Is this permitted? 
    • Response: Because this is not a campus group and they are involved in a fund raising activity, they would not be permitted to conduct this activity.
  • The Missouri National Bank wishes to set up a table to solicit sign-ups for their new "promote Maryville" credit card. After you sign up you receive a free t-shirt. Is this permitted? 
    • Response: Normally, a this bank would not be allowed to conduct this activity. However, should the Bank be a "game sponsor" the inclusion of this sign up may be included in their sponsorship agreement.
  • A lady from Kansas indicates that she has crafts that she would like to sell that highlight Northwest memories. Will she be permitted to sell at the Bearcat Zone? 
    • Response: Because of the contract with Barnes and Noble (University Bookstore), they will be given right of first refusal on this request. Following their response, permission would be determined.
  • The Chess Club wishes to have a "Toys for Tots" drive and encourage people to bring their toys its Bearcat Zone location. Is this permitted? 
    • Response: This activity would be permitted and encouraged by campus groups.
  • The Bearcat Football Ambassadors wish to sell pom-poms at the Bearcat Zone. Is this permitted? 
    • Response: This meets the criteria and would be permitted.
  • Bill's Sport Shop is selling a collectable Bearcat flag. They have asked permission to display it and take orders at the Bearcat Zone. Is this permitted? 
    • Response: Same as "lady from Kansas" - Barnes and Noble has the right of first refusal. Normally, if Barnes and Noble is not selling this product (a collectable flag) permission would be granted.